John Kerry appoints “Email Czar” for Hillary case; leaves out one KEY detail…

If you’re frustrated by the painfully dragged-out, never-ending saga that is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, you’re not alone. Apparently, John Kerry is, too! The current Secretary of State is so frustrated that, as you may have heard, yesterday he appointed an “email czar” to help out with all the stonewalling — er, investigation — around Hillary Clinton’s emails. Because, you know, a “czar” is always the answer.

As CNN reports:

Secretary of State John Kerry has tapped a former career diplomat as an “email czar” to coordinate the State Department response to the myriad of document requests mostly related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which have strained the department’s resources, officials familiar with the appointment tell CNN.

Janice Jacobs will serve as Kerry’s State Department’s Transparency Coordinator, charged with responding to Freedom of Information Act and congressional requests faster and more efficiently and improving the State Department systems for keeping records.

Ohhhh, “Transparency Coordinator”! Then again, what would you expect from the most transparent administration ever?! So much transparency, it requires COORDINATION! Lucky for her, Ms. Jacobs already has a big leg up on the job, as it’s hard to imagine it’s even possible to respond any LESS fast and efficiently to the Freedom of Information Act and congressional requests for information.

Kerry has sought to balance between trying to ensure the department promptly responds to the various requests without directly undercutting his predecessor and the Democratic party’s presidential front-runner. Privately aides say he has been annoyed at the distraction the controversy has caused for his department, which has at times overshadowed his diplomatic efforts.

Poor John. You can understand his annoyance. Here he’s wanting to do a victory lap to the adulation of the American people for having given away the farm brokered an unprecedented “deal” with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, and all he keeps hearing is, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!”

One senior official said Jacob’s appointment was “born out of frustration” on Kerry’s part that the State Department has come under fire by federal judges and members of Congress alike for not being responsive to requests by the public and Congress for documents, particularly over the past six months as questions about Clinton’s use of a private email server have prompted an influx of inquiries and lawsuits. 

The official added, “He is also bothered frankly by unfair criticism of some of our public servants that have been working hard without enough resources.” [Note the subtle cue that perhaps our government just isn’t BIG enough already…]

But amidst the fanfare — including the violins you may have heard playing for poor, frustrated and relatively-ignored Secretary of State Kerry — of yesterday’s announcement of the its new “email czar” the State Department apparently forgot to mention one key detail.

Oh yeah, we neglected to mention… this new “Transparency Coordinator” overseeing the sensitive investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email is a Clinton CAMPAIGN DONOR for said Clinton’s presidential run. In fact, just two months ago, Ms. Transparency donated the maximum amount allowed by law.

Hillary donation

But hey, not to worry, says the State Department — that’s not really relevant here. Or, in language perhaps more appropriate here, “”What difference does it make?”

As Mediaite reports:

Appearing on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, State Department spokesman John Kirby said it was irrelevant that Janice Jacobs, the new “email czar” in charge of coordinating the release of Hillary Clinton’s emails, had donated thousands of dollars to her campaign.

Host Steve Doocy accused the State Department of being nontransparent during its announcement of a position designed to increase transparency. “She had taken $2700 out of her own pocket and put in the Hillary campaign. That looks not so fair and balanced,” he said.

“I would say we didn’t talk about it when we announced her yesterday because it’s not relevant,” Kirby responded. “There’s no prohibition against doing that kind of thing. She’s the right person for this job because of the experience she has leading large organizations and enacting reform and change.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade wasn’t convinced: “But if she put $2700 to make sure someone becomes president, and she has something in her hand to prevent them from becoming president, it’s hard for people to believe she’ll approach this in a balanced and judicious way.”

“I think if you look at her career over so many decades, in Republican and Democrat administrations, you’ll see she’s balanced,” Kirby said.

So I guess we should just trust Ms. Jacobs, kinda like John Kerry wants us to trust the Iranians.

“How much money did she give George Bush?” Kilmeade shot back.

“I don’t have that kind of information, and again, it’s not relevant,” Kirby said.

I don’t know about you, but I have a bad feeling about how this whole Transparency Coordinator is going to work out. About as transparent as a house of mirrors.


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