Woman Gets ULTIMATE Revenge on ISIS by Using This Psychological Warfare

Psychological operations (PSYOPS) are a very important part of the battlefield — Tokyo Rose was an example. And even during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, we’d use leaflet drops to instill fear into the Iraqi formations. It’s all about getting inside the enemy’s mind and using their beliefs against them. There’s an “urban legend” about General Pershing during the Moros uprising in the Philippines executing the insurgents, dumping their bodies in a pit of pig entrails — and sending one captive back to inform others of the fate.

Well, we have a modern day example of PSYOPS against the Islamic jihadists, ISIS, and all I can say is way to go guys — well, I mean Ladies.

As reported at Naij.com:

Jihadists believe that their suicide missions lead to an afterlife of 72 virgins. But when they are killed by a woman, then their afterlife would be spent in the fiery furnaces of hell, rid of virgins. That now, seem to be the fate of a senior Islamic State commander Abu Anas. 

Mirror UK reports that an Iraqi woman gunned down the ISIS terror chief who forced her into sex slavery. 

Believed to be a member of the Yazidi-Kurdish minority, the woman shot dead the senior Islamic State commander known as Abu Anas, according to Iraqi satellite TV network Alsumaria News. 

In Syria and Iraq the Yazidis are a religious minority, oppressed and terrorised by the Islamists. 

Statistics show that a total of 5,270 Yazidis were abducted last year, and more than 3,000 are still in their grip, according to figures within the community. 

Saeed Mamouzini, a spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said that the militant was killed on Saturday, September 5, near the city of Mosul in Iraq. 

Mamouzini affirmed that the IS-commander forced the woman into sex slavery and handed her to his depraved followers as a sick ‘gift’.

We’ve reported here about ISIS validating rape of non-Muslim women, citing the Koran. Well, it’s time the tables were turned against them and show them the true meaning of “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.”

Now, quite sure some progressive socialists may try to castigate me or others as hypocrites for applauding these women in combat. The difference is this is not a political social egalitarian stunt; rather, it’s women taking up arms to defend themselves and destroy an evil. These women also live in a different environment, and if you know Kurdish history, you know their ferocity as fighters — including women.

We must commend that — in the face of a lack of principled resolve and forthright expression to defeat ISIS — even the women there in Iraq are responding to the call to arms. Here we see women not wanting to be victims, but instead inflict vengeance against the savage barbarians of ISIS.

Naji.com states: Islamic terrorists all over the world tend to be more afraid of women than men and the reason is because if a woman kills them while on their mission, then they lose the chance to enter paradise where 72 virgins would have served as gift for the supposed martyr. 

So in a bid to avoid hell, the jihadist avoid confrontations with female fighters. For this reason many females are currently being recruited in Iraq to join the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and fight against Islamic State’s terrorists, this tactics of using female fighters against the Islamists tend to be yielding eye-opening results.

The proof is in the pudding, but one thing’s for certain: it’s about getting inside the heads of the Islamic jihadists and preying upon their fears. This is not about a fair fight, and every advantage we can leverage against this vile enemy should be employed.

Do I think America’s ready for female ground combat formations? Nope. But what we should be doing is understanding the Islamic jihadist mind — and as with Judo, leverage it against them. This is about defeating the mindset and ideology, As in history, the Vikings feared dying without a weapon in their hand — so we should tap into that which affects the jihadist mind.

What I’d recommend is to deploy the two recent female graduates of Ranger School to train with these women and give them solid instruction in small unit tactics. It remains to be seen if these women were graduated for the purpose of a photo op or a real objective.

There is one thing for certain, at least: the Kurdish, Yazidi, Assyrian, Chaldean women know what the real “War on Women” is all about. It is certainly not the concocted political nonsense of the liberal progressives.

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