Palestinian rescues five Americans and immediately…

There’s much talk about “peace” in the Middle East, but there’s one huge impediment: a willing peace partner. Israel can’t have peace with folks who want to kill them — and regularly and happily declare as much. Yet, does anyone find it rather ironic there’s this Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, while sanctions against the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism may soon be lifted? I do. And let’s consider the types of groups Iran supports, like Hezbollah, Hamas and Fatah’s (Palestinian Authority) militant wing, Al Aqsa Martyrs.

And so the recent news from Israel is very telling. As reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA):

The Palestinian man who sheltered five American yeshiva students from firebomb attacks in Hebron said he has been receiving death threats. 

Faiz Abu Hamdiah told Israel’s Channel 2 in an interview broadcast Sunday night that the threats have included arson and beheading. He said he keeps a machete by the door, the same one he was prepared to use to protect the students several days earlier. 

He reiterated that he is not a hero and “this is what every person should have done.” 

“I did it because I’m a human being. With all my heart, I’m a man of peace,” he said. “This is my worldview. Either you are human, or you don’t do it and then you aren’t human.” 

Hamdiah took the students into his home on Thursday after their car came under attack on the street in the Jabel Juhar neighborhood. Stones, rocks and firebombs were hurled at the car, which was consumed by flames. The students had made a wrong turn on their way to Hebron’s Cave of Patriarchs, which is under Israeli control. 

Hamdiah gave the students water, assured them they were safe and called police to request their extraction. Troops arrived 40 minutes later in a hastily organized operation. Two of the students sustained minor injuries during the attacks.

In December 2009, I went to Israel and traveled to Hebron. The situation was tense, and we had to get out before a lockdown hit. These five students made an honest mistake and took a wrong turn, but instead of being received by people who’d reorient them, they were met with hatred. However, out of that darkness came a light — Faiz Abu Hamdiah — a person with whom there’s hope of peace.

Yet, how is the random act of goodness and kindness being met by Mr. Hamdiah’s “own people”? These folks, who wish to murder Hamdiah and who sought to inflict pain upon those five students, are the same ones who have the support of the Iranian regime.

Yet again, it’s the progressive socialist left that finds solace in being so very accommodating and supporting to the Islamic jihadist movement in “Palestine” — not realizing that term refers to a region, not a people. We continue to hear condemnation of Israel for protecting itself against those who’ve sworn its demise, destruction and death. And even here in America, we provide hard-earned taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which we’ve reported here celebrates suicide bombers and such.

I applaud Faiz Abu Hamdiah for the action he took. These are times for courage; Mr. Hamdiah displayed such and is to be commended. Sadly, it seems the action he took could cost him his life. Those who would inflict harm, even death, on Mr. Hamdiah, who acted from a pure place of humanity, must be confronted and defeated. These enemies of freedom, liberty — and even humanity — must be identified and defeated, along with their archaic, savage and barbaric ideology.


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