TWO more cops tragically shot

In just three days, two police officers have been shot in Las Vegas in the line of duty. Over the weekend a police officer was shot “ambush style,” while sitting at a traffic light with his partner. Thankfully, he was only shot in the hand and is recovering. We are now seeing a horrific trend, putting police all over the country on high alert.

According to Breitbart, “officials (in Las Vegas) said all officers have been riding in two-man units since an officer involved shooting last Friday. In that shooting, an officer was shot in the leg while responding to a burglary report, according to Fox News. Earlier this week, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo sent out a memo to officers warning them to take extra precautions.

“We are certainly working on pins and needles,” McMahill told KSNV. “(That is) part of the reason we doubled them up. So we have two officers available immediately whenever an incident occurs.”

In the past few weeks we’ve been overwhelmed with execution-style killings. We watched in horror as reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were killed during a live broadcast while presenting a local tourism story at an outdoor shopping mall. We watched in shock the news reports of Texas Deputy Darren H. Goforth, 47, killed for no apparent reason while pumping gas.

Just last week Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, an Illinois police officer was killed in the line of duty. This rash of shootings — in particular of cops — is becoming a cause for concern for law enforcement all over the country. People are fearful of groups like Black Lives Matter since they are on air chanting, “pigs in a blanket fry em’ up like bacon.” Many are even more concerned about the viral video of King Nobel, black supremacist, calling for open season on killing cops and white people.

Luckily for the Las Vegas cop, shot in the hand, he will recover. What will be the resulting fallout of all of this, not only for the general public, but police across the country? These incidents along with many others are causing police departments to change tactics and rules of engagement. And can you blame them?

As The Blaze reports, “when the shooting started, the officers figured their patrol car had been rear-ended by another vehicle, McMahill explained. When they knew they were being fired at, he said they exited the cruiser and one officer chased down and arrested the suspect. The man had ditched a Springfield handgun which was later located, McMahill said.

Police officers have been going on patrol in pairs since Friday’s shooting for safety reasons, he said.

The undersheriff added that the officers showed “remarkable restraint” by not firing back at the suspect and that the men and women on the Las Vegas police force are “doing one hell of a job.”

Will this “restraint” continue? The issue of police being fired upon of late is being linked to the stories of police supposedly killing blacks, for no apparent reason. Since the incidents in Ferguson, MO and in Baltimore, MD, the Black Lives Matter movement has stirred up all matter of unrest in the cause of addressing unwarranted police brutality against blacks. The resulting fallout seems to be an all-out war on police, even if a gunshot from an officer is ruled as justified in the court of law.

No one can put the blame squarely on #BlackLivesMatter for the rash of police shootings, but no one is hearing any other liberals stand up against the hashtag movement either (kind of like those theoretical “moderate Muslim clerics” who speak out against jihadists).

One thing is for sure. Being a police officer in America is harder than it’s ever been.


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