Who’s to blame for this tragedy? Let me tell you…

Many are referring to the staggering numbers of refugees flooding into Europe as the greatest mass migration since World War II. It is estimated some 800,000 migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, and Libya are entering Europe.

The world was all of a sudden disturbed by the picture of the little child who had drowned, and was washed ashore off the Mediterranean coast. But why hasn’t there been any outrage over the rape of little girls, beheading of children, and the general atrocities being committed by Islamic jihadists? Folks, I get rather enraged at the selective, righteous indignation that arises. Furthermore, let’s be very honest in assessing this situation and agree the responsibility for all this lies squarely on the shoulders of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Refugees are fleeing Libya because Obama, and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, launched a foolish endeavor into Libya to destabilize that nation and turn it over to Islamic jihadists. Then again, what difference at this point does it make?

The difference is that the abject ineptness shown and the inability to foresee the unintended consequences — or perhaps they were intended — has resulted in tens of thousands fleeing to Europe. As well, having no strategic vision – and only political nearsightedness — meant that Obama withdrew American military forces from a part of the Middle East that was experiencing stability: Iraq. And therefore an Islamic jihadist group that had been defeated – al-Qaida in Iraq — reconstituted and named itself the Islamic State — or in Obama’s analysis, the jayvee team. Obama’s red line rhetoric and lack of follow through in Syria greatly destabilize the situation there, and why has the world not been disturbed by the thousands who have been killed there, even gassed?

This is what happens when national security decisions aren’t based on sound strategic analysis but rather campaign political promises and ideology — a three-year-old-boy drowns and is washed up on the shore.

But there is a greater question that needs to be asked. Why are the rich Gulf Cooperation Council countries not stepping up and taking charge of the situation? As a matter of fact, why are these nations not doing more to combat Islamic jihadism? Who all of a sudden came up with the idea that it’s the responsibility of Western nations to resolve this issue? A sincere hat tip to King Abdullah and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for their efforts to care for the refugees, and also to the Kurdish people for their generosity. But why is it that Saudi Arabia, which has found plenty of resources to support Islamic jihadists, can’t find the resources to support their fellow displaced Muslims?

Maybe this is part of the scheme called “Al Hijra” which means migration and was what Mohammad did when he departed Mecca for Medina and instituted the second and violent phase of Islam. Shall I ask the question? What will be the ramifications on Europe’s economy, social welfare services, and of course demographic shifts?

The little secret no one mentions is the excessive strain segregated Muslim communities have placed on Europe — namely the security threats. In these areas often the rule of law is not based on host nation values, but rather Sharia law — and law enforcement officers do not enter. These areas become nests that spawn the new generation of homegrown Islamic terrorists. The folks who came to Europe for freedom and ended up turning against the very hand that “fed” them.

This weekend I had Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen and his wife Julie over to the house for BBQ. Andy’s father escaped communist Vietnam for America, just like so many others. But what happened in America with the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese immigrants? The list of high school valedictorians is notable. The growth of Vietnamese-owned small businesses is recognizable. They came to America for liberty and freedom — and they contributed to that end, and as you speak with Andy, are damned proud to be Americans.

The refugee problem of World War II occurred because no one was willing to stand up to a dictator. The refugee problem of Vietnam occurred because a certain political Party declared itself “anti-war” and undermined success and victory. The refugee problem we see today is because of ill-conceived foreign policy and national security decisions in the face of dictators, theocrats, and Islamic terrorists. In other words, history is repeating itself — same causes, same results. However, this refugee issue could be far more dangerous and destabilizing if those migrating decide they are “entitled” and not willing to assimilate but rather annihilate the fundamental principles and values of their host nation.

And please, do not try and castigate me as a xenophobe. On several occasions I left my wife and children to bring a better life and hope, to people in Islamic countries — so I have a dog in this fight. I fulfilled my moral obligation. But what about the moral obligation of Islamic nations to their own people? Are we in Western society the only ones who must rectify the ills and failures of the Islamic world — as they blame their faults on Western civilization? And this self-imposed Western guilt is a dangerous premise because, as I always say, when tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide.

The European welfare state is about to explode — evidence already exists of that occurrence in France and England. We know European society will be affected by politically correct acquiescence — as in Belgium where European women don hijabs so as not to be harassed. And the demographic shift will be telling — as articulated in Mark Steyn’s book America Alone

Don’t forget, all this destabilization of the Middle East and refugee infusion into Europe has happened due to the Noble Peace Prize winning, citizen of the world, President Barack Obama. Syria, Libya, and Iraq — I suppose those will make great exhibits in the billion-dollar Obama presidential library.

Solution? First, do not elect a Hillary Clinton who as Secretary of State has fingerprints all over this. Nor should we elect a Joe Biden who seconded all this folly. And we must certainly not elect a Bernie Sanders who will exacerbate the already deplorable American national security/foreign policy situation. We need to elect leadership that forces the Islamic world to be responsible for the cancers it is creating — which are also infecting the world. Restore our military capability to strangle Islamic jihadism wherever it exists by way of denying them sanctuary. We need to recover our economy and get back to an opportunity society. And lastly, safeguard our sovereignty because that is the critical aspect of a Constitutional Republic.

I support legal immigration and care for refugees. But at some point in time, the Muslim world needs to stand up be accountable for their issues, take responsibility as a people — and stop trying to blame the West, and then tell us to fix it.


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