The biggest reason Democrats WON’T support Biden for president

Generally you wouldn’t accuse any Democrat of being “tough on crime.” Because like this guy or that woman running for president, they’re too busy committing it. In any event, it’s not something Democrats run on.

However, as the drumbeats get louder for “that woman” to maybe step aside and give Joe Biden a chance at the race, his record on crime may be something he runs away FROM. Because stranger than fiction, Joe Biden actually has had a strong stance on crime.

As Yahoo Politics puts it, “Joe Biden hasn’t yet entered the presidential field, and may not, but already his authorship of the 1994 crime bill is under attack from “Black Lives Matter” activists and liberal bloggers. Martin O’Malley has been shouted down over his zero-tolerance policy as Baltimore’s mayor. Even Hillary Clinton has backed away from her husband’s tough-on-crime record — and, remarkably, so has Bill.”

There are so many things wrong with what I hear from Black Lives Matter and Democrats on crime. Just recently when Washington’s mayor said she was putting more police officers on the streets in neighborhoods affected by violent crime, she was booed for 18 minutes by the Black Lives Matter crowd.

I’ve talked to a few black liberal talk show hosts who actually agree with NOT having more cops on the street. It’s surprising to me that putting more police on the streets would be looked at unfavorably. I mean don’t they want crime reduced?

Some think “tough on crime” is code for being tough on blacks. We’ve seen the differences in sentencing for people selling crack (mostly sold by blacks) and those selling cocaine (mostly sold by whites). What we can’t get around is the fact that blacks make up 13 percent of the population but are responsible for more than 50 percent of violent crimes in this country. Is this a conspiracy?

No. Many cities have done studies on the sentencing of whites and the sentencing of blacks. There is no huge disparity.

With Hillary losing ground because of scandal, now may just be the time for Biden to jump into the race. The Black Lives Matter movement will continue to affect the liberals in a negative way though. If Uncle Joe does run, he’ll have to contend with this group. It does strike me as funny that the Black Lives Matter movement is funded by liberals, while at the same time attacking them.

When we say things like “truth in sentencing” or “three strikes and your out” it only seems to offend those on the left. And then there’s the outcry across the country about the fact that more and more prisons are being built.

According to Yahoo Politics, “no one can say with certainty how influential the 1994 crime bill, written by Biden and signed into law by Bill Clinton, was in ultimately reversing soaring crime rates. There are lots of theories about what caused crime to decline, and probably most of them have some validity.

But here’s a fact: That particular law contained only one new provision for a mandatory minimum sentence — the rule commonly known as “three strikes, you’re out” — and it applied only if your last conviction was for a second violent crime.

The law did offer grant money to states to build more prisons, if they agreed to “truth in sentencing” laws that forced violent felons to serve at least 85 percent of their time. But again, we’re talking about violent felons (not pot smokers), and while the money created a new supply of prison cells, the growing demand for those cells was chiefly the result of the booming drug trade itself.”

It’s obvious we have a crime problem in America. We incarcerate more people than any other country in the world. Issues like crime need to be addressed. Of course we have to add to that addressing education, the economy, and the family structure. All of these issues affect crime. For the Democrats to be running from doing more about crime is not only wrong, it actually has the distinct odor of them wanting crime to perpetuate in order to give them more to offer their base.

You know…more race baiting, more social programs, more entitlements — and more illegal aliens.

[Note: This article was written by Earl Hall]


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