THIS is who Michelle Obama considers a role model? Give me a break!

Michelle Obama sent a very special birthday tweet to Beyonce thanking her for being a role model to young girls around the world. Are you serious? Since Barack Obama was elected president, Beyonce and her ex-drug dealer hip-hop star husband Jay-Z have been on the list of questionable friends of the Obama’s.

I am curious as to which part of Beyonce’s life Michelle Obama is constituting as role model material. Is it the music which encourages drunken sex? No, it must be the song encouraging premarital sex in order to get a husband (If you like it you shoulda put a ring on it).

Here’s Michelle Obama’s tweet.


The Queen “B”, referring to Beyonce, who has a current duet called “Feeling Myself” with another potential role model to our young girls, Nicki Minaj. Between the sexually-charged lyrics of these two coupled with the misogynistic music Beyonce’s husband makes and produces, we must be on the right track. According to Michelle Obama anyway.

I’m sure parents all across the fruited plain would love their young daughters to be JUST like this.


Can we really be that surprised the Obamas encourage this type of role model? I mean they lit up the White House with the gay pride flag for gosh sake. We have an administration that allows federally funded agencies to sell baby parts for profit. Tag onto that giving gays the “right” to marry (a “right” the rest of us don’t have, by the way). Pin to that good ol’ race baiting. And let’s round it off by making the U.S. a sponsor of terrorism through our support of terrorism-supporting nations.

Is it any wonder these people believe Beyonce is a role model to young girls? Many people look at this and say it’s no big deal. We said it was no big deal that Barack Obama has mentors like Rev. Jeremiah Wright. We say no big deal to Obama giving a place of honor to The Muslim Brotherhood. Now we see what almost 8 years of this man in office has done.

It’s hard enough for good mothers around the world to teach morals and decency to their daughters. Now we have a First Lady who, with one tweet, just made that profoundly harder. I wonder if Michelle lets her daughters dress, gyrate, and grind like Beyonce?

[Note: This article was written by Earl Hall]

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