Wow: New “Star Wars” character shows how FAR America has fallen

As Yoda might say, “not, you kidding me are!”

I believe Saturday Night Live may have crossed this superhero line first with “The Ambiguously Gay Duo,” but now there are gay heroes in a galaxy far, far away.

Following this spring’s introduction of a LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) villain, lesbian Imperial officer Moff Delian Mors, in Paul S. Kemp’s Lords of the Sith novel, author Chuck Wendig is introducing a major gay heroine (or must we now say “xeroine” in a non-specific way per the gender police at University of Tennessee ) in his new novel, Star Wars: Aftermath.

Aftermath fills in the gaps between Return of the Jedi and Episode VII. Sinjir Rath Velus is an AWOL Imperial officer who changes sides (sorry, I’ll resist the obvious joke in that one) after seeing the battle of Endor. Of course story tellers HAD to add a lesbian good gal because you can’t imply lesbians are only villains, right?

This new novel by Chuck Wendig is being praised under the ‘diversity’ banner. Now I’m all for diversity, but how diverse are we really getting?

It seems like everyone is jumping on the Caitlyn Jenner bandwagon. Is there all of a sudden way more LGBT people in our population than we once thought? Is this really about diversity, or is it more about forcing a story line and lifestyle down our throats?

I can’t imagine that a group of protesters from the LGBT community decided to hold a rally in front of the estate of George Lucas demanding more gay -friendly characters in his novels and movies. No, this new novel is just a part of long list of “art” that wants to change our traditional values.

Look at almost every major pop culture show. There’s always at least one gay person. They’re not in the background. Many of them hold major roles in these shows. There obviously must be a need here that’s being filled according to supply and demand, right? I mean why else would so many people from the LGBT community be getting these roles?

Can anyone say “Hollywood?” Even though statistics show good family values movies do really well at the box office, Hollywood continues to give us what they want us to have instead. Sure there are gay people in the world. Don’t we all have at least one gay person in our family? Of course that’s what the LGBT community wants you to believe. But based on 2013 NHIS data published by the CDC, only 1.8 percent of men self-identify as gay and 0.4 percent as bisexual, and 1.5 percent of women self-identify as lesbian and 0.9 percent as bisexual. In two years, has that number quadrupled? I doubt it.

The thing that bothers me the most is groups trying to make me accept a sexual proclivity. News flash: no one wants to know who you’re sleeping with, straight or gay.

Author Wendig explained his character choice thusly: “I think fiction has sort of a value and an opportunity to speak to audiences beyond both the author and beyond what you “expect” that audience to be. And it allows people to see themselves in stories where, before, they hadn’t. I don’t think it’s necessarily the responsibility of storytellers to do that, because everybody’s free to tell the stories they want to tell, but I think there is a value and opportunity in doing so.”

When I saw the original Star Wars as a young boy in the 70’s, I was captivated. I was able to wonder and even create games based on these heroes. My family and friends had our Light Sabers (sticks) and X-Wing fighters (bikes) and protected the galaxy (neighborhood). We did it all without ever once bringing sexuality into it.

These books are targeted at kids, right? Help me, Obi-Wan.

[This article was written by Earl Hall]

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