What I’m about to say is gonna make those liberal trolls VERY upset

As I write this late Friday night, I just finished preparing steaks, ribs, and sausage for a BBQ we’re having at our home on Saturday.

There is so much happening in our country and around the world. However, there are times when you just need to take a deep breath to decompress and rejuvenate. And that is exactly what I’m going to do this weekend — Labor Day weekend — the first weekend of the 2015 college football season. So I figured I’d just take the time to share with y’all what I’m planning to do. And all you progressive socialist trolls, you can stay in your momma’s basement and save your antics for later, because I have not yet begun to fight. However, I just wanted to take the time to invite you into my life for the next few days (even the trolls) because in many ways, we’ve all become so very connected.

The weekend got off to a nice start as the West family trekked into SMU’s Gerald J. Ford stadium Friday evening for the number 4 Baylor-SMU football game. Now growing up in SEC country, we are used to massive football stadiums, but I must admit, there was something very quaint and traditional about being there on what is an absolutely beautiful campus — where Aubrey is a graduate student.

The final score of the game was 56-21 but the Mustangs hung in there with the Bears until about mid-third quarter when Baylor hit another gear. SMU hung in there with a high octane offense — SMU should have scored a touchdown at the end of the first half as time ran out with them having the ball on the Baylor 3 yard line, which would have made it a tied game at 28. It seems the Mustangs will have a good season under their first year Head Coach Chad Morris, and do well in the American Conference.

After the game the West family had an AWESOME dinner at our chosen spot, Love and War in Plano. Owner Tye Phelps has created a very unique all-Texas cuisine, and my wife Angela loved the handmade guacamole. The live music is fantastic and it’s just a very Texas atmosphere.

This morning, if y’all saw, I was on Fox and Friends early to discuss what is the appropriate level of competence and situational awareness for presidential candidates. I then sped back home to get in my morning five- mile run — gotta keep up with the PT.

Then it’s off with the girls back to see my new friend Derek Ringley at Fusion Gun Range in Forney. If you didn’t see it, last week my oldest daughter Aubrey got her “gun control” down firing two rounds from a Barrett .50cal rifle. As a dad, I am not raising my daughters to be victims, plus it’s just a blast to “bust some caps” and express my Second Amendment right — which we need since our First Amendment rights are under assault. After we shoot some 9mm, .45cal, and AR-15, we may make a pit stop at a favorite eating establishment, Waffle House – there’s one off I-635 in Mesquite.

Once back at home, it will be time to prepare for a fun BBQ at “West Fork.” We’ve invited former Texas A&M All Southwest Conference defensive end Charles “Tank” Marshall and his wife, along with Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen and his wife. I know Tank will be filling himself up awaiting his Texas Aggies taking on Arizona State down in Houston. Andy has to wait for college basketball season since he’s a Kentucky Wildcat fan. There’s nothing I enjoy better than “burning” some meat on the grill — and fellas, I use charcoal, the old school manly man way to grill.

I hope your favorite college football team will be successful this weekend — unless they’re playing my teams, Tennessee Volunteers and Kansas State Wildcats. And just a reminder, I will be returning to Manhattan Kansas for the Texas Christian game and to Knoxville for homecoming.

Sunday is the designated and specified Lord’s Day — every day is His day to be honest.

But what I’m looking forward to this Labor Day weekend far more than a Tennessee victory is Monday evening attending aa special event at the Dallas Frontier of Flight Museum. I’ve been invited to a special movie screening depicting the audacious Doolittle Raid in World War II. The special treat is that General Doolittle’s co-pilot on that raid turns 100 years old on Monday and Lt. Col (Ret) Dick Cole will be at the event. What a way to top off a great weekend and stand in the presence of American greatness, exceptionalism, daring, courage and bravery.

So that’s it folks, now you know what this weekend will be like for me and as always, I am deeply humbled when you come up and introduce yourself.

And what happens next week? Oh well, a two-day trip to Midland followed by a trip down to Austin — the capitol city which doesn’t seem to embrace the philosophy of liberty and freedom indicative of Texas. And in a week we’ll remember what the Islamic jihadists did in 2001, as well as the abandonment of four Americans on that same day in Benghazi three years ago. It’s a sad state of affairs when Mrs. Kim Davis sits in jail, but not a single person who turned their backs on Sean Smith, Ty Woods, Glen Doherty, and Ambassador Chris Stevens — and lied about it — is concerned about EVER seeing the inside of a jail.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and always remember, “self-esteem only comes from doing estimable things.” Work gives one that esteem, while waiting for a check from government…that’s just like getting a “participation trophy.”


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