Wow…Look What Happened RIGHT AFTER Obama Reopened the Embassy in Cuba

Everyone’s focused on the Iranian nuclear deal, and many have already forgotten another one of Obama’s lawless actions last month — the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba. It will, of course, make another nice exhibit in the billion-dollar Obama presidential library, next to the Iranian (aka Munich) Accord exhibit.

There can be little doubt that a major impetus behind this action will be to shut down Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) and turn it over to the Cubans before departing office — hence, the site surveys assessing locations in the continental United States to relocate unlawful enemy combatants. However, has anything changed with the behavior of Cuba’s hardline communist Castro regime? We all know nothing’s changed with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, Iran.

As reported by World Affairs Journal:

The opposition Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, or CCDHRN, on Wednesday reported that in August there had been at least 768 political arrests on the communist island – the highest monthly figure this year – along with 21 cases of physical aggression during those arrests. 

In its monthly report on political repression, the CCDHRN, which is headed by dissident Elizardo Sánchez, also noted that eight opposition figures had been the victims of “acts of repudiation,” and that there was at least one act of vandalism carried out by what the group described as “the secret political police and para-police agents.” 

The CCDHRN also reported “a worsening in civil and political rights in Cuba” and criticized the government of Raúl Castro for not taking “a single significant step” toward the “necessary decriminalization of the exercise of such basic rights.” 

The group emphasized the “notorious” increase in police violence against dissidents on the island, who are subjected to “all sorts of physical mistreatment, taunts and threats.” 

Among the cases mentioned in the report is the “brutal physical attack” on Aug. 26 of Fernando Vázquez Guerra, a member of the dissident Patriotic Union of Cuba group in the east-central province of Camaguey. 

According to the CCDHRN, “a national police captain … named Molina dealt [Vázquez Guerra] a blow on the head with his regulation pistol” after pointing it at him and “pulling the trigger three times without any bullets” being in the chamber.” 

I just had an interesting thought. The US Army is about to involuntarily discharge a decorated Army Green Beret, SFC Martland, for roughing up an Afghan police officer who’d raped a little boy and beat his mother. And now we have established diplomatic relations with a country who, in the same month, had the highest number of political arrests in the year. Is there any correlation between this spike in political arrests and the re-opening of Cuban and American  embassies in the same month? Could it have been that the Cuban opposition believed that something might just be different and America would made a stand for human rights against the Castro regime? Turns out, nah.

See, if the Cuban opposition had been paying attention, they would’ve taken heed of what happened in Iran when the opposition there stood up in protest to the militant Islamic regime — they were slaughtered. And President Barack Obama just watched it happen.

Remember those signs in the streets held by the opposition imploring Obama to help? Just as how Obama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, fully knowing that they’re the granddaddy of the modern Islamic terrorist movement.

One just has to ask, whose human rights matter? It appears the Cuban opposition were emboldened, believing there would be a push for rights, freedom and liberty on the communist island — after all, America stands for liberty and our flag was raised on the island. Nah, just a facade, a deception, move along, no liberty here, we’re just opening up diplomatic relations as a means to an end — and we know that with the progressive socialist left, the ends always justify the means.

In this case, it’s all about giving back GITMO — another campaign promise that must be fulfilled, as time is running out. The poor folks in Cuba, who long for a better way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are just pawns in the game of thrones being played by one Barack Obama. Castro hasn’t softened his stranglehold one iota and he’s sent a very clear message: I’m still in charge, regardless of the American embassy being opened here.

It just makes one ask, for what does the Obama administration stand? No statement of condemnation. And why not shut the embassy down in Havana and expel the Cuba ambassador from America for this clear violation of human rights? It’s obvious, just like the four Americans abandoned in Benghazi to die; the four Americans abandoned in Iran so as to not interfere with negotiations; and the Iranian young people abandoned during the Green movement. It’s now the Cuban people’s turn to know the cold heart of President Barack Obama, who’s only focused on his ideological agenda and the rights of those who advance that design.


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