What GOP establishment won’t admit about Trump (but better ASAP)

“We’re going to have so many victories,” Trump told overflow crowd in New Hampshire recently.

These were the words America wanted to hear. “We need victories,” trumpeted from one of the greatest communicators we’ve witnessed on the campaign trail for President of the United States of America. This is why, on the stage of 17, the rest pale in comparison.

We’ve spent quite possibly the past decade doubting our abilities, second guessing our motives and generally spawning a generation of young people who don’t actually believe America is great or exceptional at all. The apology tours, the racial strife, the divisions within the populace, the general malaise and self-flagellation have left many feeling alienated and asking themselves, “is this really my country?” People are crying out for relief.

The message of Donald Trump trumps all those feelings and returns the possibility of true hope and change, without the white-knuckled feeling that this change will be more of the same end-runs around constitutional laws, demonization of the American people, virtual anarchy, racial violence and irrational, violent police attacks we’ve been witnessing.

For those who’ve felt as though they don’t matter, for those who’ve had reasonable doubts about the phony baloney unemployment decline, for those who are really in the majority, the idea that this guy isn’t afraid of anyone, as well as the knowledge that he’s beholden to no one, completes the package.  Lobbyists, the dreaded hedge fund guys and special interest groups will not be able to mark or buy the “Trump Card” for their own advantage over the average Joe citizen — otherwise known by the so-called political class as crazies, neanderthals, uneducated or other diabolical names conjured up by the liberal media on the left and right. Trump says he neither wants nor needs their money.

People feel Donald Trump calls it like he sees it. For example — referencing recent jobs cuts at Nabisco as it moves some operations to Mexico from Chicago and decrying China for its recent dramatic currency devaluation — Trump asked the crowd:

“What that means is you hear that sucking sound? You know what that sucking sound is?” he asked

“Jobs!” shouted several people in the crowd.

Who speaks to the people and makes them feel as though he is speaking to them? Donald Trump.

AND he spoke in English, not Mandarin Chinese as John Huntsman did to a puzzled crowd on the presidential campaign trail in South Carolina last cycle. Or the constant breakaways in Spanish, as Jeb Bush seems to like showcasing because he speaks it at home regularly.

People have even managed to tune out the noise of establishment journalists highlighting their terrifying nightmares that Trump might emerge as president; they’ve long stopped trusting these media, given the love and affection they so blindly slathered over Barack Obama — even when they might have a worthwhile point or two.

The media are viewed as petty, untrustworthy and worse than that liars who are in the tank for any liberal idiocy they’re told to sell. Outside of the usual weather disasters, vehicle crashes, sports coverage and police chases, people tune them out and turn their channel to where they get real news — for better or for worse. If you don’t believe that, explain the loss of esteem experienced by the once-venerable newspapers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

So after years of having the race card, the gender card, the homophobe card, the Islamophobe card and other victim cards pulled out of the liberal back pocket, is it any wonder the “silent majority” is enthusiastically reaching for their Trump card?

I’ve heard a male member of the establishment crowd refer to Trump as a loser among women because he reminds them of their first husband. As a woman who speaks with a lot of women, I assure you that’s not what many of them are saying.  The overly sensitive, cry guy who constantly says “yes, dear” while perfecting his roast, IS the “first husband.”

By the way, one definition for “trump card” found in the dictionary is “The trump card is the winning card.” Going back to what Donald Trump told the audience and repeats on just about every broadcast, “We’re going to have so many victories.”America is waiting for those victories, enthusiastically.

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