What a joke: Obama floats around Alaska combatting global warming; look what Putin is doing

So, President Obama is up in Alaska touting global warming and shooting a reality TV show. How nice. While Obama is taking that position, Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking a different approach.

As reported by Fox News, “President Obama will ask Congress Tuesday to speed up the construction of new icebreaker ships [of which the U.S. Navy has ZERO] in order to protect U.S. interests and resources in the Arctic, amid growing concern that the U.S. has ceded influence to Russia in the strategic waters.

Currently, the U.S. has just two working icebreakers, compared to Russia’s 40. The New York Times, citing a White House fact sheet, said that Obama would also push up the expected acquisition date for a new icebreaker to 2020 from 2022. Concerns about Russia’s activities in the Arctic have grown after Moscow submitted a claim to the United Nations Aug. 5 for 463,000 square miles of the Arctic sea shelf, extending more than 350 nautical miles from the country’s shore.

The Arctic is believed to hold up to 25 percent of the world’s untapped oil and gas supplies, and the U.S., Russia, and Canada are among the nations trying to assert their jurisdiction over the region. Alaska Gov. Bill Walker also noted Russia’s ongoing military buildup, telling the Times Monday, “They’re reopening 10 bases and building four more, and they’re all in the Arctic, so here we are in the middle of the pond, feeling a little bit uncomfortable.” In addition to building and restoring military bases, the Russian military has also conducted large-scale military exercises involving tens of thousands of troops, dozens of ships and submarines, and over 100 aircraft.”

Hey, Obama did say after his reelection he would have more flexibility — we now see what that means. It’s not just that Russia took the Crimea and a good chunk of eastern Ukraine — now they’re knocking on our backdoor. Remember how the left made fun of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in a Saturday Night Live skit where Tina Fey [as Gov. Palin] said she could see Russia from her backyard? Hmm, well, thanks to Barack Obama and his flexibility, it seems that’s come to fruition. Who knew Tina Fey would be so prescient?


Here we are in Obama’s America with an export ban on our own oil and gas resources. We’re about to unleash Iranian oil onto the global market and Russia is putting itself in position to lay claim to the energy resources in the Arctic. This is what happens when a rigid ideologue has the reins of the United States — perhaps that’s acceptable to our liberal progressive buddies — but our nation is being squeezed. And oh by the way, you know that Obama plans to cut 40,000 active duty troops from the Army — guess where one of those places is? Yep, Alaska.

While we have folks here in America more concerned about polar bears, seals, and moose — funny thing, babies can be killed in the womb and have their body parts harvested, but the progressive socialist left dare not blink. In the meantime, Russia is laying claim to the Arctic and there is nary a thing the great community organizer can do about it. Actually, President Obama’s abject weakness is enabling this.

Remember Obama’s flippant attitude during the final presidential debate with Mitt Romney in 2012? CBS moderator Bob Schieffer asked who was the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States. Mitt Romney replied, Russia. Obama in typical “ISIS is the JV team” fashion replied, “Gov. Romney, the 80s is calling for its foreign policy back.” It’s this inane and dismissive attitude that has placed America in one of the most dangerous global positions since World War II.

Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska said it best, “Right now, the Russians are playing chess in the Arctic and our Administration still seems to think it’s tic-tac-toe.” Sad to say, Obama is losing at that game as well.

This is why I continue to assert we need a true commander-in-chief come January 2017. I for one am sick of seeing Putin lifting weights, playing hockey, shooting stuff, and basically kicking our tails all over the place. Then again, Obama will shoot a segment for a reality TV show while in Alaska. All you have to do is check out the new Russian military bases to get a true dose of reality.


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