Not again: Another police officer KILLED, but this time…

Yet another police officer has been killed this week. On Monday night, just days after Deputy Darren Goforth was gunned down outside of Houston, 27-year-old Abilene Police Officer Don Allen was found dead inside his home in Clyde, Texas. Officer Allen was a rookie on the force, and just two months ago, was engaged to be married.

However, this wasn’t a random act of violence targeting officers in uniform. Police say it was premeditated. A court document related to the case says “based on the information provided by eye witnesses and provided by [the investigating detective’s] investigation, [the investigating detective] believes this was a premeditated act.” Another paragraph in the document alleges “communication occurred between multiple parties to plan and carry out the murder.
However, no motive has yet been identified.

The Abilene department is receiving support from Clyde Police, The Callahan County Sheriff’s Office, The Department of Public Safety, The Texas Rangers, and even the FBI.

In a press release about Allen’s death, his fellow officers said, “Before Abilene hired Don, he was working as an officer in Cisco, Texas. He had been with that agency for a year and 5 months. What really impressed us about Don was the fact that he applied for Abilene and indicated he wanted to go through our full police academy, versus an abbreviated lateral academy. This entailed another long and grueling six months of training. He completed the training, and in doing so gained lifelong friends and tremendous respect for fully adopting Abilene’s core values. Officer Don Allen graduated from Police Academy Class 51 along with 14 other officers. As a peace officer, he had accrued 1,400 training hours. His total service time as a Texas Peace Officer was 3 years and 3 months.”

CNN says “Allen was the only person inside the residence when found by family members. The officer’s death comes days after the shooting death of a deputy in Harris County, Texas, which has sparked allegations that targeting of law enforcement officers could be on the rise.

We pray that is not the case. We pray this is not the start of a disturbing trend. But most of all, we pray for the fiancé and family of Officer Don Allen. RIP, Officer.

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