Heres what liberals REFUSE to admit about the Iran deal

If you haven’t noticed, Congress has been on recess this past month and will be returning to Capitol Hill next week after Labor Day. One of the most critical issues they’ll face will be the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as the Iran nuclear agreement. Those of us who stand in opposition have been called every possible denigrating name, and “crazies” tops the list — well, that came from President Obama himself.

If there’s one thing that NEVER should be partisan and politicized, it is our national security and foreign policy. Sadly, this issue has now become that way, all to the detriment of sound logic and reason, along with what may be inevitable — greater conflict in the Middle East. We’re told the only alternative to this “deal” is war. But it seems the weakness of this agreement will produce the same result.


And with its continued belligerence, Iran is the gift that keeps on giving. As reported by Commentary Magazine regarding the Iran deal, the numerous examples of U.S. acquiescence and compromise did not send Iran a message of goodwill, but rather weakness to exploit:

“Hence, the latest from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani should not surprise. Speaking on Iranian television on Saturday, August 29, Rouhani declared: “We have formally announced that we are not committed to these provisions [related to missiles] mentioned in UN resolution [2231]. In the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the Vienna nuclear deal] itself we have explained that a violation of the UN resolution does not mean violation of the JCPOA.”

What Rouhani, the celebrated moderate Iranian leader, has now clearly stated is that Iran will not be bound by any standing U.N. Resolutions. And this comes after President Obama ran to the U.N. Security Council to secure endorsement of the JCPOA before the ink had hardly dried on the document for the Members of our U.S. Congress to read, review and thoroughly understand — not to mention how this signaled his disregard of the American people.

Realizing Obama’s desperation to have this “deal,” the Iranians were able to maintain the moral high ground. In essence, the Iranians can say and do whatever they please — and they have — knowing Barack Obama will never say he was wrong and the sanctions will be reinstated three-fold against the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Yep, I can hear the same empty rhetoric from the liberal progressive left already — I am advocating for war. Well folks, you just can’t fix stupid, and there are some rascals who are “stuck on stupid” and fail to realize the reality before them. Iran has been, is, and will be at war with the United States – they’ve been killing our men and women in uniform since 1983 to today. And based on Rouhani’s words, they’re not changing one single thing about their behavior. Further, as we reported here, the foolish business community in Europe is running to help Iran attain economic viability.

Commentary Magazine states, “In reality…there could have been a much stronger agreement. Obama and Kerry forfeited leverage, as Iran’s economy began to plunge into the abyss. It was the diplomatic equivalent of entering into a poker game with a royal flush and losing to a pair of twos. There are many reasons to be skeptical of the agreement and critical of its final parameters.”

Here are just four from Commentary Magazine:

• The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is weaker than previous non-proliferation agreements with South Africa and Libya.
• The inspection and verification mechanisms are also weaker than previous agreements and fall short of the Agreed Framework ratified by 124 other countries.
• The JCPOA frontloads Iranian rewards, allowing it to cheat or walk away from the deal without consequence.
• Acquiescing to Iran conducting its own sampling at Parchin, where Iran is alleged to have conducted nuclear weapons work, sets a dangerous precedent for future disputes.

Think about it: whenever you bring out the key points and facts as to why the JCPOA… well…it just sucks, the only retort is apoplectic ranting from the progressive left and name-calling. That is a sure sign of intellectual immaturity, but even worse, an inability to debate foreign policy initiatives. When the only response to factual challenge is to refer to someone as “crazies” it perfectly illustrates the Saul Alinksy SOP, but it is not enough to just yell disparaging invectives when it comes to the security of our Republic.

I’m waiting for someone, anyone — President Obama included – to deliver a cogent response to the truth. It seems Obama will get his way, that the Democrats will rally about HIM and not our country. He has granted approval for some Democrats to break ranks knowing full well that he has more than enough votes to validate his veto.

And if President Obama and his acolytes continue down this path, they will own this policy failure. This will become a monumental issue for the 2016 presidential election and his chosen heir, VP Joe Biden will be ill-equipped to defend this faux pas — just as Biden’s assertion that Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq would go down as a great foreign policy success. Iran knows a dangerous game of partisanship is being played with our national security and they will exploit this to no end for the next 16 months. They will advance as far as they can in this interim period of the lame duck presidency of Barack Obama — and if there is no correction, Katie bar the door.

Currently Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe is pursuing a state response along with the Oklahoma Attorney General to promote individual states pressing hard on economic sanctions. And you can bet Obama will take actions against those states who dare defy his will. Then again, I suppose we need that lesson about federalism.

Lions should never be led by sheep when the wolves abound — a lesson I pray we are learning before the ramifications are irreversible.


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