SHAMEFUL: The one simple rule for defining hate speech in Obama’s America

Okay, it’s now time to say this: who determines what is “hate speech” in America? When business owners who decline to provide their service to same-sex marriages because it violates their First Amendment freedom of religion beliefs have death threats levied against them – are those threats not “hate speech?” I suppose someone decided the lives of Christian business owners don’t matter. Just recently we reported the story of activists calling for the killing of white people, especially law enforcement officers — even advocating for lynchings. We’ve had individuals such as Louis Farrakhan advocating for killing white people. Is this not considered “hate speech?”


A disgruntled black, gay man gunned down three innocent white people, killing two– Alison Parker and Adam Ward — in Virginia this past week while they were conducting a live news interview. The assailant ended up taking his own life after recording video of his actions and posting it to social media. No marches in Virginia, no riots, no righteous indignation — well, unless you take into account the typical drivel about time for gun control. There were no statements about “someone could have been my son or daughter.” The lack of a response from the Obama White House is telling.

And then we awoke Saturday morning to find out the horrific story of Deputy Darren Goforth, a 10-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s office, shot in the back while pumping gas. As we reported today, policy have charged 30-year-old Shannon Miles, now in custody, with the shooting. Miles has a criminal history including convictions for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct with a firearm.

As reported by Fox News, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said the motive for the killing had not been determined but investigators would look at whether Miles, who is black, was motivated by anger over recent killings elsewhere of black men by police that have spawned the “Black Lives Matter” protest movement.

Goforth, of course, was white.

I will say what needs to be stated: this was a hate crime inspired by the horrific rhetoric being promulgated through this inane “black lives matter” liberal progressive movement as well as others — and it has to end.

We can all recall countless statements of condolence from the White House, President Obama, and press conferences regarding other incidents, such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown — where officials of the Obama administration even attended the funeral. Shall we see administration officials attend the funeral services of Harris County Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth? After all, President Obama did find the time to attend funeral services in South Carolina. And where is the outrage from the liberal progressive left over this senseless murder?

Let’s be really honest here, what if the skin colors were reversed? Can you imagine the outrage if a white assailant gunned down three blacks while they were doing a live TV interview? Or what if a white man with a criminal history had walked up to a black officer and executed him — which is exactly what this was.

No, I’m not into race baiting, but since the progressive socialist left wants to go there, I’m more than happy to shine a huge, bright spotlight on their hypocrisy.

How is it that those groups accepted by the leftists can preach their hate and not be held in any way accountable? How can it be that someone like presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can compare pro-life Republicans to Islamic terrorists? I consider it hate speech to compare those who are willing to stand up against the killing of the unborn and the harvesting of baby parts.

Please explain to me how that compares to young girls, beheading men and children (albeit we now know the Planned Parenthood did the latter), and crucifying people?

Apparently it’s NOT hate speech if it is aligned concepts politically acceptable to the liberal progressive socialist left. And right here on this website, when we bring out the truth, we’re accused by the paid Soros/Media Matters trolls of promoting hate.

This is the world of the progressive left, where you can go onto social media and have a radio show where folks call for murder — and murder happens. But that’s cool, no complicit behavior.

But it’s “hate speech” if a Christian who stands up for traditional marriage. Hate speech is defined as anyone who will not consent to killing babies. All the while, the real hate speech goes unpunished.

We need more people to call out the racial hypocrisy of the left because there is hardly any outrage being shown over these recent shootings — other than attacking gun ownership. The left went apoplectic over the racist sociopath who committed the heinous crime in Charleston South Carolina. But there’s no demonizing of this past week’s two black assailants — why? Murder is murder, and by the way, there’s no such thing as “hands up don’t shoot.” The hypocrisy is blatant, easily recognizable, and should be simply inexcusable.

This past week, Hillary Clinton referred to the GOP as the “Party of Trump” — we all see that as-over-the-top political hyperbole. But there can be no doubt today’s Democrat Party is the party of progressive socialism. It is the party of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Gramsci, Alinsky — and hypocrites. And it is the party that advocates a warped concept of social justice while defining hate speech to serve its ideological advantage.

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