GOP candidate tells Sarah Palin exactly what he’d do to END War on Faith first day in office

At at time when it seems like violations of religious freedom are happening with both increasing frequency and egregiousness, it’s encouraging to imagine a president in office who will work to restore one of our most precious rights.

If you’d like to indulge this dream — which we plan to make reality in just about 15 months — for a few minutes on this fine Sunday, take a look at Governor Sarah Palin asking GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz exactly what he’d do to end the trend of religious persecution in this country. Cruz gets specific on just what he’d do — on the first day in office — if elected president to restore this, and other, Constitutional freedoms.

“I have already committed, that if I’m elected president, on the very first day in office, I will direct the Department of Justice, and the IRS and every single federal agency, that the persecution of religious liberty ends that day.

Now, what does that mean as a practical matter? That means, for every service man and woman, every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine, that he or she can worship God Almighty with all of his heart, mind and soul — and his commanding officer has nothing to say about it.

That also means groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor…Catholic charity, that the Obama administration is litigating against to try to force those Catholic nuns to pay millions of dollars in Obamacare fines to try to make them pay for abortion-inducing drugs, if I’m elected president, the case agains the Little Sisters of the Poor will be dismissed.

And the IRS will not be targeting anyone for their political views, anyone for their faith. But we will defend the First Amendment rights of every American.”

Watch for yourself:

Whether or not Ted Cruz is your guy for 2016, we can all applaud the vigor with which he would work to restore our precious Constitutional rights. And, in doing so, restore our faith in this great republic.


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