Black Sheriff says exactly WHO is to blame for “open season on police”

With Friday’s horrific, execution-style murder of a sheriff’s deputy in Texas as just the most recent example, it’s hard not to feel it’s truly become open season on law enforcement.

We’ve discussed here the question of how much the ever-loudening national rhetoric of black victimization and oppression — accented by direct calls to violence by black radicals — is to blame for this very disturbing and downright frightening trend.

One black sheriff is going a step further and placing the blame squarely at the feet of the White House. As Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee told Fox News’ Judge Jeanine last night, “the President of the United States started this war on police.

Personally, I couldn’t agree more. The first black president had a unique chance to further bridge both the racial divide and that between the black community and law enforcement. Yet, under President Barack Obama, we’ve only seen both these divides not only widen, but just about explode wide open. At times like this, when our nation sometimes feels like a powder keg ready to ignite at any moment, we need a true leader in the White House. Where is the president, calling for a stop to this hate and madness? He’s come out to defend the likes of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown — how about the nation’s men and women in blue, too? Shows exactly which lives our president believes matter and which, not so much.

As Sheriff Clarke told Judge Jeanine:

“I am too pissed off tonight to be diplomatic about what’s going on and I’m not going to stick my head in the sand about it.

I said last December that war had been declared on the American police officer, led by some high-profile people, one of them coming out of the White House, one coming out of the United States Department of Justice, and it’s open season right now, there’s no doubt about it.”

Sheriff Clarke also has some tough words for the so-called black activists who are largely responsible for stirring the pot on this and inspiring — even inciting — such hateful and horrific actions against law enforcement.

“I’m tired of hearing people call these black activists. They’re not black activists, this is black slime and it needs to be eradicated from the American society and culture.”

How’s that for calling a spade a spade?

As the problem seems to only get worse, and some days feels like it’s spinning out of control, many of us have been asking, “what can I do?” Sheriff Clarke tells us:

“Here’s how you do it. I need every law-abiding person in the United States of America to stand up and start pushing back against this slime, this filth, that’s disparaging the American law enforcement officer within these communities. When these ugly people come out and start this and start talking on social media, to push back against it and demand people that belong to these organizations get out of their town. There’s no room for it.

Look, the American police officer’s holding these communities together and we need the support of the people we defend every day in order to get that done. God Bless the Harris County Sheriff’s office.”

Sheriff Clarke also draws an important distinction between the type of speech that’s protected and that which isn’t allowed under our Constitution.

“I love the First Amendment, I love freedom of speech, but you are NOT free to threaten my life or anyone else’s.”

Ironic, isn’t it, that our First Amendment rights are under attack in so many ways today — yet, meanwhile, unmistakable hate speech intended to incite violence is being left unchecked by the current administration? Talk about living in mixed-up times.

President Obama, here’s a chance to use your bully pulpit for good. Try it.


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