SICK: What black radicals are planning for 9/11 will turn your stomach…[GRAPHIC]

If the TV shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan, was hoping to stoke the fires of a race war, as written in his manifesto, he appears to have plenty of support. As we reported yesterday, a group of black activists called on blacks to murder and lynch whites only hours before Flanagan shot his white victims.

Now this group is rallying followers for a nationwide demonstration for September 11th under the hashtag #FYF911, with the letters standing for “F*k Yo Flag.” What I really don’t understand is if these people are so upset about living in this white supremacist nation, how about moving? No one is keeping you here in chains. You are absolutely free to say whatever you want, but you are also free to LEAVE.

Via Breitbart:

#FYF911 black radicals say they will be holding the “imperial powers” that are actually responsible for the terrorist attacks on September 11th accountable on that day, as reported by Breitbart Texas. There are several websites and Twitter handles for the movement.

“Palmetto Star” describes himself as one of the head organizers. He said in a YouTube video that supporters will be burning their symbols of “the illusion of their superiority,” their “false white supremacy,” like the American flag, the British flag, police uniforms, and Ku Klux Klan hoods.

Sierra McGrone or “Nocturnus Libertus” posted, “you too can help a young Afrikan clean their a** with the rag of oppression.” She posted two photos, one that appears to be herself, and a photo of a black man, wiping their naked butts with the American flag.

Photo: Twitter/@NLibertusOnline

“Fuk Yo Flag (#FYF911)” describes the movement on its website as:

The most powerful movement in the world right now. We, the people, are psychologically and physically breaking free of the imperialist, colonialist, and racist empires by burning representations starting on September 11th 2015.

Why September 11th? We recognize that these imperial powers attacked their own citizens on 9/11 in an attempt to gain more power from its people.

We are not disrespecting any citizen that may have died during these attacks on this day,instead we are acknowledging that, from this day forward, we are holding ALL imperial nations responsible for their needless deaths!

On 9/11 we will be burning American flags, confederate flags, police uniforms, and ALL representations of organized evil and oppressive nations.

We also will be raising the Liberation flag and building on a new nation for the people. This is an INTERNATIONAL movement and a day of unity, progressive action, and liberation.

To all OPPRESSIVE AND ORGANIZED EVIL after #FYF911 the people will not be bound to you any longer!!

F**k YOUR FLAG!! Hashtag #FYF911 to see what people are doing in your area.

The election (and re-election) of the nation’s first black president was supposed to be a turning point in race relations in America. Certainly, if a majority white nation could elect a black man to the highest office in the land, it would signal to all minorities in this nation that racism, if not completely eradicated, was surely not embraced by the majority.

Sadly, Barack Obama’s presidency has done more to foment race hatred — primarily among the black community — more than I have seen in my lifetime. This goes way beyond any cry for social justice or equality. It is pure violent hatred. How did our nation fall so far so fast?


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