Insane liberal logic: Look how Harvard professor equates AMERICA to ISIS

Noah Feldman, a Harvard Law professor with a very long list of accomplishments and seven published books, may be TOO educated to discern the difference between a country that outlawed slavery as a barbaric institution, and a would-be country (ISIS) that celebrates slavery, kidnapping, murder, and as he puts it “neo-medieval” practices. As he writes for Bloomberg View,Feldman attempts to explain why ISIS is working so hard at “turning back the clock” but can’t resist creating a moral equivalency with America because of slavery in our past — PAST being the operative word.

“Begin with the sober acknowledgment that we aren’t light years ahead of Islamic State — more like a century and a half.

Slavery in the U.S. isn’t a distant relic. We’re still dealing with its aftereffects, in the form of persistent racial inequality and long-lived symbols of the Confederacy.

And we would do well not to forget that American slavery, particularly in its last half-century before abolition, was one of the most brutal slave systems in recorded human history. In comparison, the history of Islamic slavery is relatively mild.”

Oh, well then that makes everything they’re doing right now okay I guess. Those ISIS folks don’t have the TERRIBLE STAIN on their history that we Americans do.

“Islamic State’s goal isn’t primarily about money or sex, but about sending the message that they are creating an Islamic utopia, following the practices of the era of the Prophet Muhammad.

They want to go back in time, to the days of the earliest Muslims and the Prophet’s companions. The more medieval the practice, the more they like it.”

I’m just wondering, Mr. Feldman, if it’s not about the money why is ISIS taking over every bank they come across in cities they destroy? If they’re not using the money they steal from the financial institutions, how are they able to keep resupplying themselves with weapons, ammo, tanks, swords, and Humvees? (Well, aside from the items they pick up when Iraqi army regulars abandon them while in retreat). If it’s not about sex, why do they continue to rape and torture girls as young as 12 and justify it based on the Koran? I didn’t graduate from Harvard, but I can figure out it is about the sex. And as every sex crimes investigator at every police department will tell you, it’s also about the power and control and the sick perversion enjoyed by every serial rapist who tortures and torments his victims.

Mr. Feldman claims that America has “evolved” and become “modern.” We have rejected those repulsive practices of the past, and rightly so. But now, instead of painting a bullseye on America, why doesn’t Mr. Feldman focus on why ISIS isn’t becoming “modern” and shunning the everyday practices of not-so-ancient Islam? Why are these folks actually becoming worse with each passing day? I’m not sure they teach this at institutions of higher learning, but some people are just sadistic sick murderers who will never be rehabilitated. It’s one thing to “understand” the enemy of civilization, and it’s another to make incessant excuses for their behavior.

Mr. Feldman stated, “ These human actions — and institutions — are as wrong as anything can be. They and their aftereffects must be uprooted, by force when necessary,” when referring to slavery and racism in America. I know the women in the Middle East probably agree. The people who are killing and enslaving them need to go — by force if necessary. But folks like Feldman seem to be content to just wait for followers of ISIS to “evolve.”

To his credit, Feldman does end with “The only appropriate modern response is horror — and a commitment to do something about it.”

But of course he doesn’t suggest what that “something” should be. Well, we have a few suggestions, and they come in various calibers.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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