Black DC mayor proposes measures to reduce violence; #BlackLivesMatter crowd IMMEDIATELY does this

Proving once again that black lives don’t matter to the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, look what happened when black D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser tried to go public with a new crime fighting initiative designed to put the brakes on a 43 percent increase in murders this year. As the mayor announced a package plan to increase police patrols in violent areas (now there’s a novel idea), offer financial incentives for cops to stay on the job instead of retiring (I wonder why they would want to retire?), and introduce legislation that would increase some penalties for violent crime and give police the power to search the residences of violent ex-offenders, the #BlackLivesDon’tReallyMatter protestors continually interrupted with their demands for jobs and rec centers. I guess they haven’t figured out you can’t get to work or play hoops at the rec center if you’re DEAD.

Sounds like the Democrat mayor may have decided to take the cuffs off the cops and put them on the criminals who are rampaging through D.C. on a killing spree. Kudos to her for standing up to the nay-sayers.

As the Washington Post reports, Thursday’s announcement focused heavily on police action, that would be geared toward reining in repeat violent offenders, who Bowser said have been involved in an “inordinate” number of crimes.

According to police, 10 of the nearly 60 people arrested on suspicion of homicide this year had prior homicide charges, and nearly half had arrests on prior gun-related charges.

Bowser also promised to increase the penalties for violent crimes committed on the Metro, and she said she will propose legislation to make it harder for suspects awaiting trial to violate the terms of their pre-trial release. She said she would create a tax incentive to encourage businesses and property owners to install security cameras. And she said that the city would use micro-grants to fund nonprofits that work with people who live in high-crime areas of the city.

Of course, a few local activists tried to blame criminal activity on “feelings of anger, isolation and hopelessness.” Even putting a thousand cops a day on the streets isn’t going to stop criminal behavior until the left figures out that committing crimes is a decision-based activity. Until parents, teachers, pastors and adults stress that anger and frustration are no excuse for engaging in criminal behavior, it’s only going to get worse. The #BlackLivesMatter crowd isn’t interested in solutions — it’s interested in chaos, and criminal behavior thrives in chaos.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]

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