WARNING GRAPHIC: Look what Obama’s Defense Dept. is asking our military

This week we received an email from a member of the U.S. Army reserves about an online survey the Department of Defense is currently asking Soldiers to complete regarding the workplace and gender relations.

Specifically, the letter from Major General Camille Nichols, Director, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Officer, says the survey is “Congressionally-mandated” and is designed to assess any experiences Reserve and National Guard members may have had recently with sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Fair enough, but wait ‘til you see an example of the questions!

The Reserve member emailed, “The military is so concerned with this gender relations thing that they are using vulgar explicit questions. After choosing that I am a male in the survey, the following questions were horrible. They asked me questions identifying specific body parts and have they been inserted in another

male’s specific body parts…and then puts it in reverse…has any male put
his penis in your mouth or your anus.

I left the survey online truly stunned. As a conservative male, I was simply appalled that these questions would be asked.

I don’t know how many of my Soldiers actually took the survey. Most that I talked to deleted the email because we get these too often. But to read the intent of this survey to assess “any experiences you may have had recently with sexual harassment and sexual assault” and then to actually read the questions….just left me and other Soldiers frustrated. While I do support the DOD SHARP/EO programs 100 percent I feel like they crossed the line in the questions.”

He was able to forward a screenshot of this one question given to a female Soldier (pardon the graphic detail, but this is the exact wording from the screen):

Since August 26, 2014, did you have any unwanted experiences in which someone put any object or any body part other than a penis into your vagina, anus or mouth? The body part could include a finger, tongue or testicles.

Inappropriate questions

Is this REALLY necessary? Does it really matter when looking at statistics of sexual assault whether it was a body part or an object during the unwanted experience?

In his email to us, the Soldier asked, “what is the intent? To show in some metrics that these actions are happening and it’s accepted? Or is it for someone to have a fantasy about Soldiers’ private lives?”

But this is Obama’s military, so just about anything goes, and nothing makes much sense. He punishes those who are trying to protect, like Jason Brezler and Clint Lorance, and protects those who desert, like Bowe Bergdahl. There’s a rush to send women in combat roles on the front lines, while tens of thousands of active duty Soldiers get pink slips.

Meanwhile, Iran prepares for war.

But we’ll be certain to know if it was a finger or something else entirely that went where it shouldn’t. Yes, that will ensure victory.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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