Outrageous: What CNN (and possibly the RNC) is doing to Carly Fiorina is DESPICABLE

One of the things I was dreading about this presidential election cycle was 1,000 debates to go along with 17 candidates. I was pleased when the GOP presidential primary debate season limited itself to only nine debates — now if we could only do something about the number of candidates…but natural selection will take care of that.

However, one thing that still somewhat disturbs me is the kowtowing to liberal progressive media. Ask yourself, when was the last time the DNC held a presidential primary with Fox News or Fox Business News?

Now it seems for the next GOP presidential primary debate, CNN has some questionable criteria for candidate selection which may have an impact on the race itself.

Get this folks, as reported by MSNBC, “Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign criticized CNN and the Republican National Committee on Wednesday for “rigging the game to keep Carly off the main debate stage.”

CNN will host a Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, on Sept. 16. Fiorina’s campaign – and her poll numbers – saw an enormous boost after the former Hewlett-Packard CEO’s breakout performance in the Aug. 6 “happy hour” GOP debate on Fox News. Because CNN is planning to use polling from before the Fox debate – including the polls from July 16 through Sept. 10 – to determine which top 10 contenders take the prime-time slot for the CNN debate, deputy campaign manager Sarah Isgur Flores contended it’s disadvantaging Fiorina.

The “political establishment” is “ignoring grassroots Republicans,” she argued in a memo posted online and emailed to reporters on Wednesday. The crux of Flores’ argument is that there haven’t been as many polls taken since the Fox debate as there were before, so the polls from before the debate are weighing heavier in the CNN calculation than those taken more recently. There have been just two polls in the three weeks since the Fox debate. In the three weeks before that debate, there were nine polls, according to NBC News’ tally. If the cutoff for the top 10 were today, Fiorina wouldn’t make the cut. “If the RNC won’t tell CNN to treat post-debate polling consistently with pre-debate polling, they are putting their thumb on the scale and choosing to favor candidates with higher polling for three weeks in July over candidates with measurable momentum in August and September,” Flores said. Fiorina’s post-debate boost has helped her attract bigger crowds in early voting states where Fiorina is concentrating her relentless campaign schedule, and she has seen an even bigger polling boost there too.”

So here we go, a liberal progressive media outlet is manipulating the GOP presidential primary and handicapping who will be on the stage. Actually, these shenanigans are quite telling – apparently CNN fears Carly Fiorina and prefers not to allow her on the prime time stage. Could it be CNN doesn’t want America to see a conservative woman, one who will undoubtedly and fearlessly assail the progressive socialist agenda and their “frontrunner” Hillary Clinton?

Imagine this: you’re applying to graduate school and are asked for your grades from your junior and senior year of high school in lieu of your GRE scores which you aced. It appears Ms. Fiorina is being punished for her first debate success — then again, that’s how liberal progressives think.

CNN has embraced the mentality that doing well and improving your status is not to be regarded. The poll data prior to the first debate should have no bearing on the current candidate position. Imagine if you may, someone going up for promotion to lieutenant colonel — commander in the U.S. Navy — and their record as a captain is reviewed in lieu of their performance record as a major (or lieutenant commander).

Let’s call this for what it is: CNN doesn’t want Carly Fiorina on the stage — and maybe the RNC doesn’t want her there either? It’s obvious this is the election cycle of the political “outsider.” And that’s why Ms. Fiorina has indeed earned the right to be on the stage. I for one abhor the reality TV American Idol sideshow our political process seems to be turning into. These are serious times for our Republic. I want to find a commander-in-chief, a principled, resolute, servant leader — an adult.

Here is what RNC Chairman West would say to CNN, “you will use the polling data post the first debate, or not a single GOP presidential candidate will appear.” I’d let it be known that no one will manipulate the GOP presidential primary class and that current polling data between debates would be utilized. I would begin preparations to hold a debate using a different venue — Hillsdale College comes to mind or even Liberty University. I would go to CSPAN for coverage and would select three top constitutional scholars and commentators to be the debate moderators — Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, and Laura Ingraham come to mind. The message has to be sent to the mainstream media that is owned by the left that this is a new era and we are not begging for your attention. And why not? I don’t believe any of the six Democrat presidential primary debates are on Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, or any outlet not favorable to the liberal left.

This reminds me of the famed maxim of my friend, U.S. Marine Corps retired 1st Sgt Jim “Finger” Reinfinger, “if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it’s because your tactics suck.” The GOP needs stop seeking acceptance from the liberal progressive media. It needs to end the practice of being disrespected by the left.

Here’s a football analogy. Ohio State last year in the NCAA college football season — remember the horrible loss they had to Virginia Tech early in the season? The Buckeyes finished the season 14-1 winning the Big Ten Championship over Wisconsin 59-0 with a third string quarterback. The made it into the first ever NCAA Div-I college football playoff, much maligned, in the fourth seed facing Alabama. They beat Alabama and then beat Oregon, with a third string quarterback — totally surprising the college football world. Ohio State was not punished for losing early to Virginia Tech, and even with the loss of their top two quarterbacks they played harder — and won the championship.

Carly Fiorina earned the right to be on the big stage, but it seems she’s such a threat, the left wing media flagship of CNN is trying to find a way to prevent it from happening. Remember CNN’s John King started off with that insidious question of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich in the primary debate in South Carolina? Let us not forget CNN presidential debate moderator Candy Crowley and her unprofessional injection into the exchange between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney — she apologized afterwards, but who was paying attention? The liberal media plays by no rules simply because they’re allowed to get away with these blatantly objectionable actions.

The RNC would comport itself well and gain high regard if it stood up to CNN and let them know in no uncertain terms who runs the show. And if the RNC allows this travesty to come to fruition, it will not bode well, because other liberal progressive media outlets will realize they can get away with it too. If this was agreed to by the RNC, well, just tell CNN we changed our minds and the polling to be used for debate selection will be from after the previous debate — don’t like it, too bad.

I’ll be watching what happens to see who holds the moral high ground.


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