This is the kind of HARDCORE response we need to deal with illegal immigration

The issue of illegal immigration has become a front and center issue in the 2016 presidential election cycle. Americans now understand what sanctuary cities are and the adverse impact they have on their safety. The issue has forced several candidates to make trips to the border to ascertain the situation for themselves. The issue of illegal immigration affects our economy, healthcare, sovereignty, and national and domestic security. It is not something to be taken lightly or politicized flippantly, as its ramifications are immense. The ancient Romans learned the consequences of not securing their northern border the hard way.

But America isn’t the only nation faced with an influx of illegal immigrants. While we struggle with “compassionate” solutions, one European country is taking a hardline stance.

As reported by Fox News, “The Hungarian government has considered using its army to secure its southern border against migrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia pouring into the country via Serbia, a government spokesman said Wednesday.Reuters reported that Zoltan Kovacs said that any decision to send troops to the frontier would have to be approved by Budapest’s parliament, which would discuss the issue next week.

On Tuesday, Kovacs said that the migrant flow needs to be better controlled. Hungary is preparing laws to make it a crime to cut through the fence or to enter Hungary illegally and is increasing the penalties for human traffickers. “It is in the interest of all of us, Hungarians and Europeans, to develop some kind of order,” Kovacs told the Associated Press, warning that otherwise many European cities could face unsustainable situations.

Hungary is attempting to build a 13-foot-high fence to keep out the migrants, many of whom are from Syria. However, the Associated Press reported that record numbers are crossing the border in what is being called E.U.rope’s worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II. Police said that 2,533 migrants were detained on Tuesday, up from 2,093 on Monday and by far the highest figure of the year. About 140,000 migrants have reached Hungary already this year, over three times as many as in all of 2014. Over the past week, the average was nearly 1,500 people a day. After requesting asylum and registering with authorities, migrants are sent to one of Hungary’s refugee centers but most try to quickly leave for richer E.U. countries like Germany or Sweden.”

I find it interesting that these illegal immigrants see Hungary as just a way station to “greener pastures.” In other words, they’re off to find countries in Europe better able to provide them social welfare.

Therein lies the first step in combatting the illegal immigration issue in America: cut off the taxpayer-funded benefits, which serve as the lure for people to violate a nation’s sovereignty. America is indeed a land of opportunity, but it is that for those who respect our rule of law and seek to be a part of the American experience. Funny, I do not hear about folks bum-rushing the borders of Cuba, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, China or North Korea. There’s something to be said about freedom and liberty, but its fundamental principles must be respected.

It’s hard to secure your border when you’re not positioned on your border, which is why the Hungarians are considering deploying their army to their border. We have a little thing called posse comitatus, which precludes us from doing such. However, our border states should be fully able to deploy their National Guard troops along their borders should they deem fit.

As a matter of fact, I propose we move the U.S. Border Patrol under the Department of Defense — Command and Control of US Northern Command — which special arrest powers. We need to enable the USBP to have better equipment, training, and resourcing, and support “interservice” transfers for men and women exiting active duty military armed forces whose skills could be utilized by the USBP.

We must end the “sanctuary” city and state practice by defunding federal government support to cities and states enacting such practices in violation of our constitutional sovereignty. Along with that reform we must eliminate the criminal illegal immigrant population in America. We could easily use BRAC’ **d (Base Realignment and Closure) military installations to incarcerate and then deport these individuals. And I would have no issue with GPS tracking devices for criminally deported illegal immigrants.

And spare me the question about breaking up families, because I’m not responsible for the decisions others made to disregard our rule of law. I do not support amnesty but also realize we can’t just bus folks out. However, we must secure our border, and yes, use our own U.S. military reserve component forces to build fortified sections to prevent penetration of our nation.

We have to stem the flow of illegals into America before there can be any discussion about “guest worker programs.” if you came here illegally to America, then you can never qualify for government assistance or participate in our electoral process — there must be consequences, folks. And we shouldn’t expect the American people and those here legally who did it right to carry the burden for those who did not.

The most important aspect of rectifying the illegal immigration situation is to draw down the American welfare nanny-state. Get Americans back to work and not sitting back awaiting largesse under the false narrative that there are certain jobs Americans won’t do – that’s an excuse and incentive for illegal immigration — as well as advancing American slothfulness.

America is not alone in dealing with the situation of illegal immigration and history has provided lessons for those who failed to support their own national sovereignty. This is not about politics or about special interest. This is about the restoration of the American Republic.

You are either for that, or against it.


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