Hillary Clinton Tweets This Right After Shooting Tragedy, Twitter ERUPTS

Despite her painful slowness in providing evidence for the investigation into her emails, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wastes NO time when she sees a potential opportunity for political gain. No, even as the gunman was still on the loose this morning, Mrs. Clinton seized the tragic murder of two beautiful souls this morning to put the spotlight on her own agenda with this tweet:

Unfortunately for the candidate, whose polls seem to be on a perpetual downward spiral these days, Mrs. Clinton’s lame — and tasteless — attempt to use the tragedy for her own gain may have backfired. The Twitterverse wasted no time of their own in skewering the candidate for her crass politicism.

Some called for the candidate to point out her specific policies that would have prevented such a tragedy from happening.

Of course, we can guess that any attempts at real policy suggestions from this leftie will take knee-jerk aim at our Second Amendment.

But perhaps before turning to new policy ideas, perhaps Mrs. Clinton should heed this idea from Dana Loesch:

Now, THAT’s an idea. How about starting with yourself, Mrs. Clinton?

And note to American voters: please, let’s vote someone into the White House who see times of tragedy as a time to UNITE rather than divide to further one’s own political agenda.


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