Graphic: Suspect posts video of shooting, Tweets motive before shooting himself

Even as he was being pursued by police, the suspect in the murder of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward live on air this morning, the shooter took to social media. Vester Lee Flanagan, posting under on-air name Bryce Williams, posted a series of videos showing the fatal shooting, along with comments which may provide clues as to why he did it.

After being confronted by police the suspect shots himself; while initial reports suggested he killed himself, updated reports now say he is still alive and in critical condition.

Pending his survival, his last posts may be our best clues into WHY he committed such an inexplicable and horrific act.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

A Twitter account under the name Bryce Williams Wednesday published a series of videos showing the fatal shooting of two Virginia reporters and their interview subject.

The account, which began posting several weeks ago and was suspended at about 11:20 a.m., also published a series of messages hinting at a possible motive in the attack, which was captured on live TV.

“(Victim) Alison (Parker) made racist comments,” the account tweeted, followed by, “They hired her after that???” and “(Victim) Adam (Ward) went to hr on me after working with me one time!!!”

The account also posted a series of videos leading up to and showing the early moments of the shooting.

While we’re not sharing the video due to its graphic nature, here’s is a screenshot to give you the shooter’s perspective. As sick as the entire situation is, the shooter’s filming of the act itself brings it to a whole new level of sick.Slide1

And even as he’s being chased by police, the suspect takes to Twitter to tell the world why he did it. There are no words.

Bryce Tweets

While Bryce Williams’ posts may provide a glimpse into his mindset, nothing can really explain WHY someone would commit such a heinous act.

Truly horrific and inexplicable.


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