Before liberals rush to politicize TV shooting, we’d like to politicize THIS horrific shooting

While the nation mourns the tragic double murder of Alison Parker, a 24-year-old reporter and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward, could we also have a moment of silence for 7-year-old Amari Brown?

Oh, you’ve never heard of him? Not surprising. Amari was gunned down during a Fourth of July celebration last month in Chicago. He was one of ten murdered and 54 wounded during the holiday weekend. Amari was black. As was his assailant.

Amari lived in a city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. But Chicago also has one of the highest numbers of murders in the nation. The problem is, the vast majority of homicides are committed by black people against other black people.

The statistics are horrific.

According to data from the Chicago Police Department, someone is shot in Chicago every three minutes. Someone is murdered every 17 minutes and 53 seconds.

So far this year, only seven days have gone by without a reported shooting or homicide.

Al Gore used to talk about his “inconvenient truth.” How about this one?

Per this graphic, the vast majority of victims and assailants are not white. 85.9 percent of assailants are black or Hispanic; 96.8 percent of victims are black or Hispanic.


So liberal white people just don’t care that much.

Getting rid of guns is useless unless we get rid of people’s reasons for wanting to use them in the first place. Growing up in a broken home, with no male role models, no respect for education or authority, no discipline or self-responsibility, no faith in God, or at the very least, a strong moral compass coupled with an ingrained belief that you are “owed” something from those who have done better than you breeds discontent and despair.

Criminals will always find a way to get guns. It’s the business they’re in. Murder is also illegal but it hasn’t been eradicated yet, has it?

Today’s shooter was black and gay; his victims were white. There will be no protests. There will be no marches to proclaim that their lives mattered. No windows will be shattered or cars burned.

It was a terrible tragedy that thankfully does not happen every single day. Unless you’re black, and living in Chicago.

I leave you with this tweet from a black man named Ed Asante.I’m sure he’ll be vilified for saying this.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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