Obama’s America: Look what happened after a university posted this sign banning saggy pants

Is “underwear” called “underwear” for a reason? Sick and tired of looking at other people’s underwear? Apparently the staff at Henderson State University in Arkansas is sick of it too. Administrators at the university put up a sign in the student center warning people against profanity, loudness, rude behavior and sagging pants.

However, when a group of black students found out about the sign, they complained enough to force the school to pull it down after two days. Students told KATV they believed the sign was targeting them, but administration said they were attempting to hold all students to a higher expectation.

“Posting the signs was a response to increasing concerns expressed over the past year by students, faculty, staff and community members about appropriate behavior across our campus, both in and out of the classroom,” Tonya Smith, a university spokeswoman, said. “Our faculty in particular had experienced an increase in inappropriate classroom behaviors that were disturbing the learning environment.”

The national fashion phenomenon known as “sagging” is practiced by young males of all ethnicities, but somebody forgot to tell that to groups like The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) who joins the ACLU and the NAACP in saying the ban is unconstitutional.

“Absent some kind of showing that sagging pants could somehow disrupt the educational environment in a clearly, truly unreasonable way, which is hard to fathom, this is a blatant overreach by the administration,” Will Creeley, FIRE’s Vice President of Legal and Public Advocacy said. “It’s dismaying that a public institution of higher education wants to treat their students as if they are in grade school.”

The bans on profanity and rude behavior were also concerning, Creeley noted, adding that the university was “really going for the trifecta.”

Excuse me? How is a ban on profanity and rude behavior concerning? And how is THAT racist? And Mr. Creeley, if thy ACT like they’re in grade school that’s absolutely how they should be treated!

Student Daisha Haggans said, “The group that I’m representing was outraged by the sign.

Outraged? Outraged at a request to not wear your underwear as an outer garment? The students in question wanted the sign taken down because they say “sagging pants” is culturally associated with black-Americans. “Its politically insensitive to certain groups.” said a student, Kristin Bell, clearly another of the super babies being raised in contemporary, politically-correct, never-be-offended America.

In a message sent to students, Henderson State said it did not intend to “specifically target” any groups on campus. The signs were taken down, and the university said it should have communicated with students about the “larger context” of the signs before posting them. In other words, “You win. We have no backbones.”

University officials said even though the signs are now gone, they still expect students to follow the rules that were posted. “We have removed the signs,” the university stated in its message to students. “However, we remain committed to supporting campus and classroom environments conductive to learning and respect for all members of our community.”

A request for self-compliance? So they put up a sign. Students demanded the sign come down. They took down the sign but now want students to abide by the wishes of the now-gone sign? Good luck with that.

Once again the inmates have demonstrated they run the asylum. Colleges and universities no longer have the ability to set their own rules of decency and behavior because, at least in this case, if they do – out comes the dreaded race card. And there’s nothing worse than that!

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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