Look where Britain just reopened its embassy after 4 years… It’s INSANE

Pavlov’s famous experiment proved if you reward bad behavior, you are absolutely certain to get more of the same. In a similar vein, acquiescence in the face of belligerence only serves to embolden the belligerent. And it appears we are indeed living in a mid- to late-1930s world where nations deemed beacons of liberty and freedom and diplomatically are surrendering to those who advance tyranny. Just weeks ago we witnessed the Obama administration reopen the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba — still run by the hardline communist Castro brothers. Well, it seems our cousins across the pond don’t want to be outdone.

As reported by the BBC, “The British embassy in Iran has reopened, nearly four years after it was closed. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond attended a ceremony in Tehran with Iranian diplomats to mark the reopening while Iran has also reopened its embassy in London. The UK embassy was closed in 2011 after it was stormed by protesters during a demonstration against sanctions. Mr Hammond is the first UK foreign secretary to visit Iran since 2003. The reopening comes weeks after Iran reached a deal with six world powers aimed at curbing its nuclear program me.

At the ceremony Mr Hammond said the attack in 2011 had been “a low point” but since the election of President Hassan Rouhani things had “steadily improved, step by step.” He said: “Last month’s historic nuclear agreement was another milestone, and showed the power of diplomacy, conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect, to solve shared challenges. “Re-opening the embassy is the logical next step. To build confidence and trust between two great nations. “Iran is, and will remain, an important country in a strategically important but volatile region. Maintaining dialogue around the world, even under difficult conditions, is critical.”

Earlier Mr Hammond told the BBC there was a “big deficit of trust” with Iran, and “major issues on which we have fundamental differences of view”. “But the symbolic importance of deciding to reopen embassies in each other’s countries, is that we have chosen to talk to each other about those differences… to look for areas where our interests do align,” he said.”

Ladies and gents, I just have to be blunt here. There is stupid, and then there is “stuck on stupid.” And it appears this sickness has infected Prime Minister David Cameron’s administration. He must have imported drinking water from 1600 Pennsylvania.

First of all, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) does not “curb” Iran’s nuclear program one iota — it delays its breakout — well, we think. Remember Iran stated no country without established diplomatic relations would be able to be a part of ANY inspection team. Now of course we learned late last week that the IAEA/Iran side deal allows Iran to inspect ITSELF at its controversial military facility at Parchin.

And to hear Foreign Secretary Hammond say that an attack four years ago of their embassy was a “low point” is fully the language of appeasement — and acknowledging Hassan Rouhani as a steadily improving reformer is an abjectly delusional assertion.

Hassan Rouhani serves at the behest and approval of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Rouhani is different from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was a wolf in wolf’s clothing — Rouhani is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Nothing has changed about Iran’s obtuse manner since Rouhani has emerged as its “president.” Iran continues to be the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

For British Foreign Secretary Hammond to refer to the JCPOA as a historic agreement showing the power of diplomacy and having been conducted in an “atmosphere of mutual respect” is Chamberlain resurrected. There was and is no mutual respect emanating from Iran and certainly, with the aid of Russia, there was NO power of diplomacy.

John Kerry and Phillip Hammond “got rolled” by the Iranians and like a loved-starved teenage boy pursuing a dismissive girl, we have our two nations running off to make nice with the Iranian militant Islamist regime — priceless.

Iran is not a great nation and Hammond’s words reflect Western weakness, validates all that Iran has done and places it on a moral high ground, which it shall not cede. Even worse, Iran becomes a power broker in the world of Islamo-fascists because of how they stood against the West and made their demands –which were all met. What do Obama and Cameron have to show for it? Nothing. They’ve been completely embarrassed, but at least will have nice exhibits in their libraries, and chapters in the memoirs.

However, far better men and women, who encompass the highest degrees of resolve and integrity will rectify this gross international folly. Hammond alludes to a symbolic importance in the reopening of these embassies and the choice to “talk” about differences. Neville Chamberlain had a talk and even got a signed “agreement.” The former is useless, and the latter turned out to be the same with Adolf Hitler.

In the Middle East, talk is associated with weakness and is disrespected. In that part of the world, only strength and might are respected; talk is cheap. And again, the false narrative of the only alternative is war holds no credibility because history has shown that when sheep make agreements with wolves, the sheep get eaten.

Chamberlain’s agreement with Hitler advanced war and so it shall be with Obama’s agreement with Iran. England’s reopening of an embassy in Iran is parallel to allowing the bully who beats you up at school and takes your lunch to come over to your house for dinner. England has a HUGE issue with domestic Islamists. The Brits have allowed them to thrive and now invited the bullies’ parents over for bangers and mash.

And the bullies will continue to disrespect them.

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