Obama’s America: A woman says this about a terrorist and gets FIRED

A department store employee in Chattanooga has been fired from her job and banned from a local mall because she used “vulgar language” to condemn Mohammad Abdulazeez, the jihad murderer of local servicemen. How’s THAT for your First Amendment rights?

Heidi Grubbs was apparently distraught after the local Muslim terrorist killed five U.S. servicemen in an ambush in her home town of Chattanooga. Grubbs responded the way many law abiding Americans did — using her freedom of speech to speak out against Islamic fanatics who kill innocent people. But apparently, if you do that with a few four-letter words, you’ve crossed the line.

According to WDEF, “Heidi Grubbs was gainfully employed at the Belk department store inside Northgate Mall until a customer overheard her conversation about domestic terrorist Mohammad Abdulazeez, the shooter who killed five servicemen in Chattanooga last month.

“I made a comment specifically towards the terrorist Mohammad and his family by stating that he was a piece of sh** scum and his family was too for killing our men. And then I was fired because I refused to apologize for it,” Grubbs said.

But losing her job wasn’t the only thing she was faced with. 
”Two officers in the loss prevention office told me I was to be banned from all properties of CBL because of a sign that I have on my car.”

The sign is an anti-Islamic message that she proudly stuck on her window.

”The original sign on my car states that I will sh** on your Koran; I’ll spit in the face of your Mohammad; and that Islam is a lie.”

In a previous interview with Examiner.com writer Joe Newby, Grubbs said she has been very outspoken about Islam since moving to Chattanooga from Memphis. “What happened to our soldiers” is more offensive than anything she might have written on paper, she added.

A CBL executive told News 12 that Grubbs was banned because she violated the mall code of conduct.

”It’s more to do with the vulgar language that was used. It’s not anything to do with her personal beliefs,” said CBL Marketing Director Catherine Wells.”

So, Miss Wells, do you honestly want us to believe if Heidi’s sign had read, “I will stomp on your Koran; I’ll make a mean gesture in the face of your Mohammad; Islam isn’t always truthful” she would still be shopping at the mall today? I think not.

Does Belk department store management really want us to believe if Heidi had said, ” that terrorist was a piece of poop scum” she would have her job today? I doubt it. And by the way, no one asked her to simply take the sign off her car. Or even warn her not to say those things on mall property again. Instead they just canned her American butt.

Shoppers at Belk and North Gate Mall in Chattanooga BEWARE: your right to free speech apparently ends at the parking lot entrance. You may need to shop at another mall if you want to object to terrorists killing our military heroes and citizens. Does anyone know if the murderer’s family was banned from the mall? Just sayin’…

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]

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