GOOD! Democrat Compares Scott Walker Policies to Lynching, This Happens Right After…

The first caucuses are still months away — and confirmed party nominees nearly a year out — but the presidential race has already gotten downright ugly. And if the measure of how worried the Democrats are about a candidate is the viciousness of their attacks, it appears they’re mighty worried about Governor Scott Walker.

As Mediaite reports:

Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore accused Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker of “literally” tightening the noose around African-Americans Monday.

Moore, who is black and represents the city of Milwaukee, Wisc., made the comments during a conference call with reporters timed to coincide with the Wisconsin Governor’s arrival in South Carolina.

According to a local Fox affiliate, the policies Moore believe are comparable to lynching are “Walker’s opposition to raising the minimum wage, requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, and requiring drug testing for public aid recipient…”

Not surprisingly — and rightfully so — voter backlash against Ms. Moore’s shameful comment has been swift and vehement. Some are calling for both the Democrat representative’s apology and resignation. And you can bet if Ms. Moore were a Republican, the outcry for this would be loud, both from voters and politicians. And while other responses to Moore’s outrageous comment have been numerous, just a couple choices tweets alone should be enough to shame her. Via Twitchy:

Great question. Anyone going to hold their breath awaiting Ms. Moore’s response? Didn’t think so.

And then this:

Spot on. Both of these tweets encapsulate themes we’ve written about extensively here, and we couldn’t agree more. Despite the narrative they spin, history and policy show the Democrats have systematically harmed one of their biggest and most dependable voting segments. We can only hope that voters start to wake up to this, starting perhaps by asking the very relevant questions posed above.

In the meantime, will Ms. Moore show any shame for her disgusting, race-baiting remark? I guess we’ll find out if she indeed has any shame.


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