Watch Donald Trump’s Response to Stock Market Crash… It’s INTENSE

One of the reasons cited for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s appeal is his willingness to shine a harsh light on issues previously kept in the shadows. Illegal immigration is the poster child for this. We all recall the controversy Trump stirred with his direct — and, many would say, “politically incorrect” — as he announced his candidacy earlier this summer. And since then, almost as if eerily proving Trump’s point, we’ve watched a string of tragedies at the hands of illegal immigrants — such as the murder of Kate Steinle.

Trump has been similarly vocal about China, criticizing both the Chinese government themselves for “stealing American jobs and breaking the rules” (e.g. currency manipulation) and the Obama administration for not being tougher with China and leading from behind.

Now, is the Chinese stock market’s free fall — and U.S. stock market turmoil, with the Dow opening down a whopping 1,000 points at open this morning on news of the Chinese market — reinforcing Trump’s point?

Naturally, the candidate himself believes so, and he’s taking this opportunity to shine a bigger light on this issue.

As Business Insider reports:

Republican presidential candidate and real-estate magnate Donald Trump released a video on Instagram on Monday, warning that China could bring the US economy down.

“I’ve been telling everybody for a long time China’s taking our jobs. They’re taking our money. Be careful: They’ll bring us down,” Trump said in the post. “You have to know what you’re doing. We have nobody that has a clue.”

On Twitter, he added: “Depression- be careful of China!”

Trump was apparently reacting to Monday’s chaos in the stock market, some of which has been attributed to China’s slowdown.

At the market open, the Dow was down more than 1,000 points. It has regained some positive ground since market open, but remains down — and volatile — as of this writing.

Trump, who has constantly railed against China on the campaign trail, released several additional tweets declaring he had been right about the country:

The candidate’s Instagram post on the subject can be viewed below:

Depression- be careful of China! A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Trump also said he is “perhaps” the only presidential candidate who can rescue the US economy from its current turmoil.

Some fans have taken to Twitter to declare Trump a “visionary.”

Interestingly, just last month, as Grabien reported Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew confidently assured that Americans were immune from weakening markets in China. “So you’re not going to, I don’t think, see the direct linkage there,” Lew said.

Whatever you feel about Trump the candidate (we’re not picking a horse in this race at this point), will Trump’s banging of the China drum earn the issue a central spot in the campaign conversation? Will China become the new illegal immigration?

If history is any indication here, chances are it just might. And, of course, we’ll be watching!


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