Developing: What just caused this MASSIVE explosion at a U.S. military facility?

This can’t be good in any event, but let’s hope it’s not horrific.

Shortly after noon EST, social media lit up with accounts of a massive explosion at a U.S. military facility in Sagamihara City, Japan.

Fox News reports, “an explosion has been reported at the U.S. military facility in Sagamihara, Japan, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports, citing the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation.

Sagamihara is a city in the Japanese prefecture of Kanagawa, which borders Tokyo.

“We’re aware of the report, but we don’t have confirmation that the explosion occurred on the base,” said Pentagon spokesman U.S. Navy Commander Bill Urban, according to Reuters.

The Sagami General Depot houses storage for petroleum products and ammunition.

Thankfully, thus far no injuries have been reported.


This report from local Japanese news shows video of the explosion.

Of course, the question is, what caused it?

In April, the Wall Street Journal reported that three explosions near the same base were linked to a Japanese left-wing extremist group, according to police.

But so far, reports are that it was an accident.

And then there was this discomfiting tweet.


We shall have to wait for further updates, but in the meantime, let’s pray no one was injured or killed.

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