Look who met privately in D.C. today….Does this mean MORE trouble for Hillary?

Many have predicted for some time now that, despite it being “her turn,” Hillary Clinton is far from the anointed one. In fact, buzz that she will not be the Democrat presidential nominee only continues to grow louder. As Mrs. Clinton’s campaign appears to slowly but surely implode, sustaining one self-inflicted wound after another, here’s yet another sign that meaningful competition may be imminent.

In fact, it may be the biggest indication yet that our own predictions about who WILL be the Democrat nominee, as we reported here recently, can be taken to the bank.

Via CNN:

Vice President Joe Biden met privately with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday in his residence at the Naval Observatory, CNN has learned, another sign he is seriously deciding whether to jump into the Democratic presidential race.

The meeting between Biden and Warren, confirmed by two people familiar with the session, is the biggest indication yet that Biden is feeling out influential Democrats before announcing his intentions.

Beloved by liberal Democrats, Warren decided to sit out a campaign of her own, but she has yet to formally endorse a candidate. Though Warren may not be going for the presidency, we’ve predicted here that she will turn up as running mate to the very man she met with today: Joe Biden.

In an interview on Friday, she told WBZ in Boston: “I don’t think anyone has been anointed.” (Psst… Hey Elizabeth, has anyone let Hillary know that yet?)

The vice president arrived in Washington shortly before lunchtime, even though his official schedule said he was planning to spend the weekend at his home in Delaware.

Kendra Barkoff, a Biden spokeswoman, declined to comment on the meeting. But an aide to Biden confirmed a meeting, telling CNN: “The vice president traveled last minute to Washington, D.C. for a private meeting and will be returning to Delaware.”

Another source familiar with the meeting told CNN that Warren went to the meeting at Biden’s request.

Biden is increasingly weighing whether to challenge Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates for the party’s presidential nomination. A small team of advisers has spent weeks quietly putting together a campaign strategy and fundraising plan in case Biden decides to run. He had at least one meeting with them this week in Wilmington, one person familiar with the session told CNN.

He has told his associates he intends to make his decision in the next month, an announcement that could upend the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination.

With the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary six months away, Biden is the leading figure Democrats believe they could turn to if they needed to find an alternative to Clinton, whose favorability ratings have taken a deep hit as her email use while secretary of state is drawing deeper controversy.

Biden, 72, has a large and loyal collection of friends and advisers from more than four decades in Washington. Yet even inside his sprawling constellation, affectionately known as “Biden World,” deep divisions exist over the wisdom of him making another bid for the presidency.

Yep, with each passing day, a Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton seems less and less tenable. And just as much as Democrats need to come to terms with this, so too do Republicans. Because as we’ve written about herethe GOP had best wake up and prepare for this to happen or else they will get bushwhacked.

Hillary Clinton is damaged goods now. She cannot be protected and the rats are scurrying on the USS Liberal Progressive Titanic; they just hit a big iceberg. I just hope the GOP doesn’t find a way to steal defeat from the jaws of victory, again. America is in need of leaders; no more gimmicks. The Democrats will offer well-marketed gimmicks, as they did with Barack Obama. The GOP needs to drop the mantra of wanting to be a lighter version of the left drawing in pretty pastels. We need someone who will paint in bold colors. A Biden/Warren ticket will be formidable, until we come to understand they’re just a continuation of the aberration of which we have endured the past six and a half years.


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