UNREAL: What Obama’s doing to this Green Beret disgusts me to no end

Folks, it’s that time again, time to expose a blatant outrage happening in our military. The media are falling all over themselves about the two female Ranger School graduates, but there’s something far more egregious that reflects President Obama’s “fundamentally transformed” military.

A few Saturdays ago, we brought you the story of U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Tim White, who faced the dark specter of charges against him after he returned fire with his own private weapon during the Islamic jihadist attack upon his Naval Reserve Center. Your voices and response rang stentorian and forced Navy leadership — who at first denied the claim, then claimed they didn’t rule out charges — to stand down and admit they would not seek charges. Hat tip to you America!

And now from the combat zone of Afghanistan — apparently, President Obama, they didn’t get your email unilaterally declaring the end of combat operations — comes a cause for rallying again.

You may have read my editor-in-chief’s piece on this story the other day; given how personal this story is to me, I am compelled to share my own thoughts as well.

As reported by Fox News:

The U.S. Army is kicking out a decorated Green Beret after an 11-year Special Forces career, after he got in trouble for shoving an Afghan police commander accused of raping a boy and beating up his mother when she reported the incident.

The case of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland now has the attention of Congress, with my former Marine officer, my former colleague, and friend Rep. Duncan Hunter writing to Defense Secretary Ash Carter challenging the decision.

“I am once again dismayed by the Army’s actions in this case,” Hunter, R-Calif., wrote in a letter to Carter.

Martland is described by many of his teammates as the finest soldier they have ever served alongside. 

But his Army career changed course during his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. After learning an Afghan boy was raped and his mother beaten, Martland and his team leader confronted a local police commander they had trained, armed and paid with U.S. taxpayer dollars. When the man laughed off the incident, they physically confronted him. 

They were punished by the Army at the time — but why exactly Martland is now being discharged is a matter of dispute. Army sources cited his accolades, including being named runner-up for 2014 Special Warfare Training Group Instructor of the Year from a pool of 400 senior leaders in Special Forces, in questioning the decision.

The story about what happened in Afghanistan is very troubling. However, let’s remember the U.S. Marine Corps is about to discharge Maj. Jason Brezler for sending an email with classified information warning Marines in Afghanistan’s Helmand province about an Afghan police officer named Sarwar Jan. Jan was a controversial individual who brought onto the forward operating base (FOB) his personal “tea boy,” Aynoddin, who ended up using Sarwar Jan’s AK-47 to gun down four Marines working out in the FOB gym, killing three.

All of us who’ve been in Afghanistan know the purpose of the “tea boys,” and for our leadership to allow this  child abuse, rape and pedophilia is despicable. During my two-and-a-half years in southern Afghanistan training the Afghan army, we had a serious situation where we had to discipline an Afghan Kandak (Battalion) Commander who was forcing young soldiers at gunpoint to engage in sex with him. The story of  Sgt. 1st Class Martland conjures up similar strong emotions.

Matland, a former Florida State University football player who dropped out of college, graduated in 2006 from Special Forces Qualification Course, one of the U.S. military’s toughest training programs. Over the years, he became an Airborne jumpmaster, combat diver and sniper.

Here’s a short account of what happened back in 2011.

One day in early September 2011 at their remote outpost, a young Afghan boy and his Afghan-Uzbek mother showed up at camp. The 12-year-old showed the Green Berets where his hands had been tied. A medic took him to a back room for an examination with an interpreter, who told them the boy had been raped by another commander by the name of Abdul Rahman. 

After learning of the meeting, Rahman allegedly beat the boy’s mother for reporting the crime. It was at this point, the Green Berets had had enough. Quinn and Martland went to confront Rahman. 

“He confessed to the crime and laughed about it, and said it wasn’t a big deal. Even when we patiently explained how serious the charge was, he kept laughing,” Quinn said. 

According to reports of the incident, Quinn and Martland shoved Abdul Rahman to the ground. It was the only way to get their point across, according to Quinn. “As a man, as a father of a young boy myself at the time, I felt obliged to step in to prevent further repeat occurrences,” Quinn — the Special Forces A-Team Commander said. 

Rahman walked away bruised from getting shoved and thrown to the ground, but otherwise okay, according to teammates. But Rahman quickly reported the incident to another Army unit in a nearby village. The next day a U.S. Army helicopter landed and took Quinn and Martland away, ending their work in Kunduz Province. 

For the next few weeks, both soldiers remained in Afghanistan but were not allowed to continue their mission. They were given temporary jobs in Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan and later in Herat. Pending the outcome of the investigation, both men were relieved from their positions and sent home. Their war was over. 

Quinn has since left the Army and started a job on Wall Street. 

Martland, though, has been fighting to stay in the Army. In February 2015, the Army conducted a “Qualitative Management Program” review board. His supporters suspect because Martland had a “relief for cause” evaluation in his service record, the U.S. Army ordered Martland to be “involuntary discharged” from the Army by Nov. 1, 2015. 

The U.S. Army could not confirm the specifics of Martland’s separation from service due to privacy reasons, according to Wayne Hall, an Army spokesman.

Ladies and gents, here’s one of our elite warriors, an Army Green Beret, with several combat tours of duty. He’s a recipient for the Bronze Star for Valor due to his actions in combat. And the Army relieved him of his duty position because he shoved a child rapist, who’d beaten a mother for reporting the heinous assault.

Here’s an Army that’s gone so off the rails under the Obama administration that it would punish two men standing up for a raped little boy and his mom. Where are the child rights advocates and the women’s rights activists? Here’s a soldier that stood up and confronted the real “War on Women,” and, as a result, now has a permanent black mark on his personnel file. Then again, we have two new female Ranger school graduates, so what’s the big deal about kicking out a combat veteran Green Beret?

Could it be the Obama transformed military accepts the perversity of the Afghan male culture? This isn’t a matter of cultural acceptance; raping a child and beating a woman, a mother, is wrong anywhere, anytime. And for the U.S. Army to take the complaint of Abdul Rahman over the bravery and honor of two Green Berets is highly disturbing.

So here’s what we MUST do,. We must once again burn down the phone lines to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. (Know that if it were Secretary of Defense Allen West, these two men would be my officer and enlisted aides.) We need to wear out the email and phone lines of Army Secretary McHugh. And don’t forget to sign the petition here for SFC Martland.

We, the American people, must demand U.S. Army Green Beret SFC Charles Martland not be “involuntarily separated” from the U.S. Army on November 1, 2015. We demand his retention and his personnel records expunged of any negative report related to his actions in defending a little Afghan boy and his mother.

We also demand that SFC Martland be immediately promoted to Master Sergeant and allowed to continue his impeccable service as an elite Army warrior. We the American people will settle for NOTHING less. Call, email, and let our voices be heard. Let our warriors know we won’t sit idly by and allow them to be cannon fodder for the socially egalitarian Obama military.

I love my Army. But I must admit, this disgusts me to no end, and I’m committed to defending the code of the warrior.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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