One of the Most BRUTAL Cartoons I’ve Seen Taking Down Obama in a Long Time

Trust But Don't Verify 1

As we’ve written, as more and more details about the Iran agreement continue to emerge, this so-called “deal — and our so-called “leaders” who brokered it — just become more and more of a joke. Just the other day, we learned of what may be the biggest farce of all — that under a secret agreement with the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran will be allowed to self-inspect a key facility allegedly used to develop nuclear arms.

That’s right, as we reported previously, apparently when the Obama administration hijacks Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify” doctrine, it means trust the enemy and allow THEM to verify themselves.

And while the reality of this is FAR from a laughing matter, sometimes a bit of laughter helps to let off some of the steam that otherwise might cause your head to explode. So our thanks to Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope n’ Change for his awesome cartoon that so beautifully encapsulates this week’s development. As Jarlsberg so eloquently elaborates:

Obama’s Iran deal just keeps getting better and better – assuming, of course, that you’re either Iranian or just a rabid anti-Semite who wants to see Israel vaporized on general principle (hint: we’re referring to B. Hussein). 

How else to explain the recently revealed little detail in “the toughest deal ever made” that says inspection of Iran’s Parchin nuclear weapons development site will be handled through the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has agreed to let the Iranians themselves conduct the inspections.

Unlike most agreements of this sort (which is to say, agreements not negotiated by our ludicrous, Lurch-like, Nobel Prize-chasing Secretary of State) the IAEA experts who would normally conduct investigations and take samples will be barred from visiting the Parchin site, and must instead rely on whatever samples and photos the Iranians decide to give them. Even more astoundingly, the Iranians are already saying that the deal allows them to withhold photos or video of anything being worked on that has military significance.

So there’s Barry’s “years in the making” deal in a nutshell: all sanctions on Iran will be lifted immediately, Iran will receive $150 billion with which to buy weapons and deploy terrorists, further billions will roll in from oil sales with which to raise hell, AND they’re free to work on nuclear weapons as long as they have military significance.

Hope n’ Change is still somewhat undecided about Donald Trump, but for the love of all that’s holy it’s time we got someone in office who knows how to negotiate a critically important deal without being rolled like a drunk.

God help us all!


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