Obama’s Army: Look what’s happening to Green Beret who defended child rape victim

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland has served in the Army Special Forces for 11 years and has been described by his teammates as the finest solider with whom they have ever served.

After a deployment to Iraq in 2008, he deployed to Afghanistan in January 2010 as part of a 12-man unit and was awarded a Bronze Star for Valor.

But as Fox News reports, “during his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, the Green Berets realized they had a problem with many of the Afghans they were training to become local police officers.

“We had been hearing for months about raping in our province, not just in Afghanistan,” said Daniel Quinn, a West Point graduate and the team leader of the detachment sent to Kunduz.

After learning an Afghan boy was raped and his mother beaten, Martland and his team leader confronted Abdul Rahman, a local police commander they had trained, armed and paid with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

“He confessed to the crime and laughed about it, and said it wasn’t a big deal. Even when we patiently explained how serious the charge was, he kept laughing,” Quinn said.

According to reports of the incident, Quinn and Martland shoved Abdul Rahman to the ground. It was the only way to get their point across, according to Quinn. “As a man, as a father of a young boy myself at the time, I felt obliged to step in to prevent further repeat occurrences,” Quinn said.

Rahman walked away bruised from getting shoved and thrown to the ground, but otherwise okay, according to teammates. But Rahman quickly reported the incident to another Army unit in a nearby village. The next day a U.S. Army helicopter landed and took Quinn and Martland away, ending their work in Kunduz Province.

Now unbelievably, the U.S. Army is kicking Martland out. Welcome to Obama’s Army.

The case of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland now has the attention of Congress, with Rep. Duncan Hunter writing to Defense Secretary Ash Carter challenging the decision.

“I am once again dismayed by the Army’s actions in this case,” Hunter, R-Calif., wrote in a letter to Carter.

Ever the warrior, Martland has been fighting to stay in the Army. In February 2015, the Army conducted a “Qualitative Management Program” review board. His supporters suspect because Martland had a “relief for cause” evaluation in his service record, the U.S. Army ordered Martland to be “involuntary discharged” from the Army by Nov. 1, 2015.

The Army still cannot confirm the details or reasons for his discharge, but nonetheless Martland continues to receive the highest scores in evaluations.

“It’s sad to think that a child rapist is put above one of our elite military operators. Sergeant Martland was left with no other choice but to intervene in a bad situation. … The Army should stand up for what’s right and should not side with a corrupt Afghan police officer,” Hunter told Fox News.

Major Jason Brezler, 1LT Clint Lorance, now Sgt. Marland…these are only the high profile cases of warriors being punished for protecting others. Oh and by the way. Anyone seen Bowe Bergdahl lately? I guess he’s still AWOL. Ya think he’s every going to be court-martialed for desertion? Me either. No wonder morale in our armed forces is so low. This is an absolute travesty and it will not end so long as we have Barack Hussein Obama with the title of commander-in-chief.


[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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