Bin Laden’s SON sends frightening message to Jews worldwide

Y’all have heard the saying, “the apple don’t fall far from the tree” which applies mostly to children following in the footsteps of their parents. As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m honored my apple fell from the tree of a World War II veteran, my dad, Herman “Buck” West. However, there are also bad apples that fall from trees yielding sour fruit – and bad apples don’t get much worse than Osama bin Laden.

As reported by the Times of Israel, “The national Jewish community’s security arm has asked Jewish institutions to be on the alert after Osama Bin Laden’s son called for attacks on Jewish American interests. The Secure Community Network alert said Friday that Hamza bin Laden, who has ambitions to lead al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization founded by his father, posted an audio message calling “for the targeting of Jewish American interests globally.”

“Hamza also reportedly called for attacks on Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv,” the alert said. The alert by SCN, an arm of Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, said the audio message was confirmed by “reliable sources” in law enforcement and was recorded sometime before June 15.

“While there is no information at this time to suggest a credible or imminent threat as it relates to this call for attacks, terrorist leaders and organizations have stepped up their calls for lone wolf attacks across the globe,” said the alert, noting recent attacks on Garland, Texas and Chattanooga, Tennessee, apparently carried out by unaffiliated individuals spurred by extremist Islamist calls for violence.

The alert called for increased training for volunteers and staff at Jewish institutions ahead of Rosh Hashanah, including establishing relationships with local law enforcement and reviewing communications and plans for responding to an active shooter.”

Now of course the lonely and pathetic progressive socialist trolls will accuse yours truly of being a fear monger because I’m telling y’all what Osama’s progeny has declared. But these folks wish us to become as they are, sheeple. They’re intimidated not by the enemy, but rather those who would stand up to the enemy, because it shines a spotlight on their own cowardice.

This Islamapologist crowd finds comfort in condemning the sheep dogs rather than the wolves. And so these poor, wretched souls who will never know the honor of victory because they embrace the dark specter of defeat and have no problem watching another Islamic terror attack occur. After all, if we would just try harder for “coexistence,” we could all hold hands and sing happy songs.

However, that is not the real world in which we reside. The real world is one where a son picks up exactly where Dad left off. Killing Osama bin Laden ended nothing — just as the Taliban hasn’t rolled over to have their bellies rubbed since we found out Mullah Omar has been dead for two years.

This isn’t about an individual, or even a group, this is about a global Islamic jihadist ideology deeply rooted in the verses of the Koran — remember ISIS fighters are reciting koranic verses to their young female victims before they rape them.

And please, don’t go down the path of “they are perverting a religion.” No, they are bad apples falling from a really bad tree that was planted in the soil of oppression, tyranny, and submission. We will never be able to defeat the Islamist ideology unless we acknowledge the tree itself is bad — not the individual apple. What we want to do in western civilization is try to pick off the fruit and not the source from which it grows.

It’s no different from understanding the mindset of the progressive socialists. We cannot contend with dealing with the bad apples, we must seek out the source of this harmful ideology, which is dropping its bad fruit all over the United States of America. That tree of liberty which produced the finest fruit in the world is threatened – within, by liberal progressive socialists and without, by militant Islamo-fascists. And tagging along for the ride are the secular humanists who want to destroy the ultimate source, the tree of spiritual freedom.

The present world is a far more dangerous place because bad apples are being produced all over the place. We must begin to have a strategic vision to uproot the trees from which they fall — not the insidious election cycle political rhetoric that is short term focused.

Once upon a time there were visionary leaders who walked this earth — and America produced many of them. Not just in the military but also in business and politics. One of the most inspiring sights is the view through the Ft. Pitt tunnel when you see the magnificent city at the Three Rivers, Pittsburgh. That scene represents visionary leadership and its development over the years from a simple western outpost to this magnificent city is a result of good apples falling from the tree of indomitable entrepreneurial American spirit. That is greatness. That is exceptionalism. That is worth fighting for!

My response to the call of Hamza bin Laden is a simple response that has stood the test of time. It is a response born from the tree of liberty and spoken thousands of years ago in a faraway land — as well as here in America. It is a response uttered by Spartans as well as Texans — good apples, firm, and mighty — warriors, not wimpy rotten apples full of worms, like the trolls who roam the comments section of this website.

Hamza and the rest of you, “Molon Labe.” Come and take it!



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