You won’t believe what’s considered a “violent” response to #BlackLivesMatter

After making Hillary Clinton visibly uncomfortable this week (per this video), Black Lives Matter activists Daunasia Yancey and Julius Jones, sat down with Larry Wilmore on Tuesday’s “Nightly Show” on Comedy Central to discuss their “method of disruption.”

Wilmore was curious as to why it was necessary to make “white people feel uncomfortable” to which Yancey replied it was an inevitability when talking about race in this country.

“When we’re talking about race in this country that’s often what happens — white people get uncomfortable,” Yancey said. “What we’re looking for is to push through that discomfort to really get to the root issues and get to the root solutions.”

We would agree. As we have discussed here many times, it is very uncomfortable to talk about the fact that only 25 percent of black children grow up in two-parent homes, with 75 percent born out of wedlock (in 1940 that percentage was only 14 percent), or the horrific rate of black-on-black violence, or the approximately 16 million black babies that have been aborted since 1973.

These statistics do make most white people uncomfortable – but even more so, they should make black people uncomfortable, because these statistics are not the result of the vestiges of slavery or institutional racism. You want to talk about the “root issues?” These are self-inflicted problems which have their foundation in progressive policies.

Julius Jones mentions “accountability” in his conversation with Wilmore. Well, how about encouraging his own community to take some accountability for its actions?

In any event it was Jones’ comments on the phrase “all lives matter” that raised our eyebrows. Jones explained the phrase, “on its face seems like a really valid response” — is actually not: “It’s actually a violent response because the only time you hear it is in response to when someone says ‘Black Lives Matter.’”

A violent response? Exactly how many shop windows were broken and cars destroyed by “all lives matter” protestors in Ferguson or Baltimore?

You can watch the video clip here. Perhaps most interesting is how everybody seems to be in agreement as to what Barack Obama has done for black people. Guess the answer…

[This article was written by Michele Hickford


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