Muslim leaders speak out about biggest threat to our world…it’s INSANE

Last week we reported how ISIS has now added rape to its accepted theology, using the Koran to justify and condone the brutality. We wondered aloud where were the “moderate Muslim voices” who would denounce this horrific practice as sullying their faith.

Apparently they were all busy traveling to a symposium in Istanbul, where delegates from about 20 countries lifted their voices together fervently for the “moral crisis” of… (wait for it)…climate change.


As Al Jazeera reports, Muslim scholars from 20 countries issued an “Islamic Declaration on Climate Change” on Tuesday, calling on the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to do their part to eliminate dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and commit to renewable energy sources.

The declaration, which draws on Islamic teachings, was drafted by academics and finalized at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium held in Istanbul Aug. 17-18. The symposium’s goal was to reach “broad unity and ownership from the Islamic community around the Declaration,” according to the event’s website.

“Faith communities increasingly recognize that the climate crisis is also a moral crisis,” a statement on the website said. “The adverse impacts of climate change that we have witnessed so far, present a clear case for people of faith to examine the underlying moral causes of this phenomenon. It prompts faith communities to take action to halt the desecration of nature that leads to destruction of creation, human and otherwise.”

US News and World Report writes participants said it was the first declaration of its kind from Islamic leaders, a voice many say has been missing from the debate on global warming.

The move comes two months after Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change and other environmental issues and ahead of a key U.N. climate conference in Paris in December, where world leaders are supposed to adopt a landmark agreement to fight climate change.

However, some influential Islamic leaders were absent, including Turkey’s top cleric, who didn’t even send a representative.

It remains to be seen whether the message from the scholars is repeated by imams in mosques across the Muslim world.

“Some of them are hopelessly out of touch on this,” said Fazlun Khalid of the Britain-based Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, which organized the conference together with the Islamic Relief charity.

Mr. Khalid, that does indeed appear true, as we far more often hear sermons and declarations from imams inciting jihad against unbelievers than against gas-guzzling luxury sedans or cows contentedly farting methane gas into the atmosphere.

Wouldn’t it be great if that’s all we had to worry about? By the way, we’re still waiting for moderate Muslims to denounce the rape…(in 2015).

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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