This Democrat’s dying wish about Hillary is mobilizing complete strangers to do THIS

For those of you out there who share the opinion that a President Hillary Clinton would be a disaster — or worse — for our republic, here’s your feel-good story of the day.

A New Jersey woman’s final request asking people to NOT vote for Hilary Clinton has inspired complete strangers to visit her page pledging to honor her request.

As Talking Points Memo shares:

Elaine Fydrych, who died of lung cancer at age 63 on Thursday, made the request in her obituary, which was published South Jersey Times.

“If you knew Elaine, you’d say, ‘yep that’s Elaine.’ It was a fitting end for the woman,” her husband, Joseph, told “It was very appropriate that she go out this way.”

Fydrych appeared on children’s TV programs, grew to love theater, and acting, and was “a natural at comedy,” according to her obituary.

“The more she found out about Hillary, the more she didn’t like her and thought it would be a complete catastrophe if the U.S. elected her president,” her husband told Fox.

We couldn’t agree more, Mrs. Fydrych!

Her dying wish appeared by Wednesday to have gained traction in conservative circles, with strangers flocking to her guest book on the website to offer their condolences and vow to fulfill her wish.

Perhaps almost as striking as how many complete strangers are going out of their way to pay their respects to this woman is the fact that Elaine Fydrych was a registered Democrat. How about that — a registered Democrat who thought a President Hillary Clinton would be a “complete catastrophe”!

May you rest in peace, Mrs. Fydrych. We will all do our best to make sure your wish is honored.


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