Hello Barack? RUSSIA just proved our Iran strategy is completely wrong

You know how Kerry, Obama and all the other Iran apologists on the left keep saying sanctions don’t work? Heck, that was the whole rationale for throwing out the welcome mat to Cuba and the Castro brothers.

Except that they DO work. Look what’s happening in Russia.

The Russian automobile industry is currently in free-fall as multilateral sanctions, coupled with a global drop in fuel prices, have slammed the brakes on one of the country’s largest industries.

Ever since Russian aggression in Ukraine sparked outrage, the international community has successfully worked to damage the Russian economy through tough sanctions, spiking inflation rates and causing the cost of food and other essentials to skyrocket.

Recent economic reports as reported by Reuters are staggering: Russia’s economy shrank 4.6 percent last quarter, inflation is at roughly 20 percent, and the national currency hasn’t been weaker against the dollar in 6 months. Together, sanctions and cheap oil are working to punish the offensive, violent actions of Putin’s Russia, just as they did against Iran.

Sanctions are, yet again, crippling a rogue nation’s ability to be successfully aggressive by imploding its economy.

Friends, we are watching sanctions work. America and her allies have been striking the Russians where it hurts — without military force. We’re applying peaceful force while hearing the gasps and coughs of a faltering industry. When it becomes unbearable for the Russian leadership and they’re driven to negotiate, let’s not have it resemble the Iran sham this administration calls a “deal,” shall we?

Let’s hope when Russia finally comes to the negotiating table for sanctions relief — like Iran did — we don’t have this administration representing the American people. In fact let’s not just hope. Let’s pray.

[Note: This article was written by Austin Cantrell]


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