Watch Hillary’s SHOCKING remark to #blacklivesmatter crowd in this leaked video

I’m pretty sure those of you reading this have long known Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is nothing if not a big fat phony. Her campaign talking points are taken straight from the Democrat Book of Pandering. Adding insult to injury, Mrs. Clinton’s delivery of said talking points is as wooden as the paper on which they’re printed.

So it’s especially interesting to see this candidate caught off script — interacting with one of her top pandering targets, black voters.

In this case, Mrs. Clinton is captured speaking directly with representatives #blacklivesmatter who, as Twitchy reported (and verified by several other sources), had planned to disrupt a recent Hillary Clinton event in New Hampshire but arrived just too late to be let in; apparently Clinton’s Secret Service detail was enforcing fire codes. Plus, Clinton was filming the event.

Instead, someone from Clinton’s camp offered the activists 15 minutes with Clinton following the event and, as the story goes, it was the protesters who requested that the meeting be kept private.

The video was made public by Good Magazine, who posted the video along with the following commentary.

As recently reported by various news outlets, Hillary Clinton held a closed-door session with five representatives from #BlackLivesMatter last week after the activists were refused access to a campaign event in New Hampshire. GOOD has obtained exclusive video of the exchange between the Democratic candidate and members of the Boston chapter of #BlackLivesMatter, where a somewhat defensive yet candid Clinton responds to several tough questions.

At the center of the most tense moments in the New Hampshire meeting is the assertion by #BlackLivesMatter representatives that Clinton must accept some responsibility for supporting policies and legislation that have led to mass incarceration in the United States, particularly the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act, passed during President Bill Clinton’s first term.

Now, THERE’S a concept: holding Democrats responsible for their policies that have affected blacks — a group who nonetheless continues to overwhelmingly support Democrat candidates.

How about also asking Democrats why they’re part of the party of slavery, secession, segregation, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes and literacy tests? Or how, as we’ve written previously herePresident Lyndon B. Johnson, used a racist epithet to describe how his policies would have blacks voting Democrat for 200 years. We are fifty years into the seemingly intended consequences of those policies. Policies that have advanced a new type of slavery; not the physical but rather the metaphysical – economic enslavement of our urban centers, mostly populated by the black community.

While I can’t endorse the content of what this particular #blacklivesmatter representative is arguing, it IS high time black voters ask themselves what the Democrat party has done for them lately — or maybe ever.

In this interaction with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, her reaction — and body language — say all about how much she really thinks black lives matter. Perhaps most shocking is Mrs. Clinton’s suggestion that perhaps she should “talk only to white people about how we’re going to deal with the very real problems.” Wow, Mrs. Clinton, tell us how you really feel! I guess it’s understandable she feels more comfortable chatting with her Martha’s Vineyard cronies about how to deal with us peons.

Watch for yourself — paying special attention to the Democrat candidate’s facial expressions and body language.

You can also watch Part I of the video here:

If you asked me, Mrs. Clinton’s reaction and body language suggests she thinks black lives are nothing more than school children to be chided — and, if she had her druthers, to be shooed away so they’d stop bothering her. Incidentally, you have to wonder if that Clinton handler who unsuccessfully tried to save the candidate from answering the painful questions still has a job.

I guess we all now know, without a doubt, the reason candidate Clinton so rarely takes direct questions. Don’t look now, Hillary, but your disdain for the American people — one of your most important voting segments, no less — is showing! And, girl, it ain’t a good look.


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