URGENT: Every single American needs to see the video Iran just released…

Well I suppose it’s a darn good thing the U.S. has signed that “deal’ with Iran in order to prevent war, because if the rhetoric and imagery coming from that nation is any indication of what we’re getting WITH the deal, we’d be in really big trouble without it.

Here’s what I don’t get. We believe Iran when they say they’re not interested in stockpiling nukes, but we DON’T believe them when they say they’re going to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Perhaps this video will change some minds.

Via Gateway Pundit, the Investigative Report on Terrorism reports the Islamic Revolution Design House, a media company associated with Iranian hardliners released an animated video this week of Al-Quds special forces on a hill outside Jerusalem preparing for battle.It shows a soldier putting on a Revolutionary Guard patch, and then a Qassam Brigades headband, followed by a ski mask and a Palestinian scarf around his neck, while arming himself with a machine gun and a pistol. As he puts on a helmet, we see him looking over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, home of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque. The image pulls back, showing the soldier amid a sea of conquering troops.

A concluding message invokes Ayatollah Khomeini’s threat that Israel must be wiped off the map and promises that day is coming soon.


Of course, I am sure many folks on the left — and many of my fellow American Jews — will scoff at such saber-rattling as mere theatrics. Well, how about the words of Iran’s supreme leader himself, who posted this warm-hearted tweet yesterday:


Speaking of my fellow American Jews, no word yet from DNC chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on whether she supports the Iran deal. “On such an important and consequential issue as this, I intend to be as thorough as possible in my review and in my meetings and briefings,” she told the Tampa Bay Times.

Well ma’am, I certainly hope this article finds its way across your computer screen at some point, so you have an idea what’s on the minds of the Iranian leaders when you make your final decision. Because what they’re planning sounds an awful lot like a Final Solution to me.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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