She’s toast: First Hillary gets devastating poll results, now THIS video

Perhaps at this point it’s just another in a long string of no good, terrible, very bad days for Hillary Clinton.

But for the American people, and our republic, today’s one-two blow the Democrat presidential candidate received today is cause for some optimism.

First, there’s the most DEVASTATING poll results to date for Mrs. Clinton. And on the heels of that, a new video that showcases her many lies frame by frame.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports:

A Fox News poll conducted last week shows only 2 percent of Americans believe Hillary Clinton told the truth about whether or not emails on her private server contained classified information.

Whoa. You just don’t see poll numbers that low, just about ever. And even so, you simultaneously have to wonder who are those two percent who actually still BELIEVE Mrs. Clinton?

The poll, which surveyed 1,008 registered voters between August 11 and 13, also showed that a majority — 58% — believe Clinton knowingly lied about her emails, while another 33 percent said they believe there is another explanation. Another 7 percent said they didn’t know if Clinton had lied.

The poll comes as the Washington Times reports that as many as 60 305 of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server contained classified information.

Meanwhile, a new ad just released contains the content needed to reduce the number of people who believe Clinton told the truth to a clean zero percent.

As The Hill reports:

An advertisement released Monday by the conservative America Rising PAC is drawing attention to the investigation over Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

The 95-second video, titled “Failed Leadership,” features statements made by the 2016 front-runner for the Democratic nomincation spliced with media personalities questioning the former secretary of State’s honesty.

Watch it here:

The video is produced by political filmmaker Lucas Baiano, who has made videos for Republicans and Democrats — including Clinton.

Of course, true to form, Hillary Clinton still isn’t letting pesky things like hardcore proof — including video of her own words — get in the way of her continued lies in support of her own narrative and agenda. As we reported over the weekend, the candidate continues to blame others for her scandals and even joke about them.

The good news is, as these latest poll numbers show, Mrs. Clinton’s tactics appear to be wearing thin, leaving few true believers anymore. And with more and more evidence of her lies and misconduct coming out each day, we can only hope the only way forward for this candidate is down — in flames.


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