Clinton team developing anxiety over this latest development

Up ’til this point, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has skated through her little email issue saying it’s just another political game being played.

Except it’s really hard to keep up that facade when the FBI begins circling in earnest. Now, the Washington Post reports as law enforcement officials became interested…the campaign’s apparent lack of concern began to turn into a sense of anxiety.

“They’re worried about it,” said a longtime Clinton adviser and confidant who agreed to discuss the mood of the campaign team only on the condition of anonymity. “They don’t know where it goes. That’s the problem.”

Hillary Hard Drive 1

As our mischeesious friend Stilton Jarlsberg puts it at Hope n’ Change cartoons:

Hillary Clinton has voluntarily turned over her email server to the FBI, in the same sense that a bank robber “voluntarily” comes out with his hands up after being informed that he is surrounded.

Or at least, we think she’s turned over her server. In the world of the Clintons, nothing is ever what it seems. In this case, the server which had been kept at the Clinton’s home was apparently transferred (the entire machine, not just the data) to a company called Platte River Networks in New Jersey in 2013.

That physical machine was given to the FBI, but the company assures them that it’s entirely blank because “the information had been migrated over to a different server for purposes of transition” in June 2013. In other words, Hillary has turned over the server that was at her house – but not the server which contained the data after June 2013, which no one knew to ask about. D’oh!

And it gets even better! Clinton is sticking with her story that her private email server never ever held any document which was marked classified. And in this case, “marked” is the “what the meaning of is is” magic weasel word she’s hoping will keep her out of the hoosegow. Because it now seems that someone operating under Clinton’s orders was illegally removing the “Top Secret” and other classification markings from documents before sending them to Hillary’s server, specifically to help her cover her ample rear end. Felony conspiracy, anyone?

Check out more of Stilton’s work here.


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