How this Marine hero is being PUNISHED for his email will make your blood boil

The mantra “do as I say, not as I do” seems to be the calling card of political elitists who feel they’re lords over us pitiful serfs. But it’s very disturbing when anyone seeking the highest office in the land feels they can act without integrity and believe they’re above scrutiny.

By the way, I find it rather interesting how so many want to be President of the United States — Commander-in-Chief — but when they could’ve raised their right hand in other ways to unselfishly serve… well, you know. 

Today we have a certain person considered a “frontrunner” to be Commander-in-Chief who has a serious integrity issue — then again, as she would say, “what difference at this point does it make?” One would’ve thought abandoning Americans to die in a faraway land and then lying about it would render the person disqualified to lead this nation and command its uniformed service men and women.

Then again, we do live in interesting times.

So ponder the case of one former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the email scandal in which she’s embroiled. We continue to hear the excuse that Mrs. Clinton had no idea these emails were classified — hmm, that’s rather fishy. If you’re reading emails referencing satellite imagery of a foreign nation, that’s certainly not Readers Digest material. Two things come to mind: the head diplomat, fourth in line to the presidency, should recognize classified material — or at least recognize the material hasn’t been properly classified.

The case of Hillary Clinton’s email brings to mind a recent case about classified email resulting in a Marine officer’s punishment, even though his intentions were completely honorable.

We brought to you all the story of U.S. Marine Maj. Jason Brezler here, and the story turned your stomachs. In this case, the Marine Corps punished an officer trying to warn his brothers deployed in Afghanistan about a dangerous situation there — and rightly so, given that three Marines lost their lives after being shot in their Forward Operating Base gym just 17 days after Maj. Brezler’s warning.

Now it seems that Major Brezler’s case is being compared to that of Hillary Clinton — and by a liberal media outlet, no less.

As reported by The Daily Beast:

Clinton could still become president after her email scandal, but a decorated Marine is being forced out over one classified report he sent to avert a disaster. 

No matter how much classified material is found in her personal email server, Hillary Clinton will no doubt continue campaigning to become our next president. 

Meanwhile, a decorated Marine officer who has deployed four times faces being discharged from the corps he loves because he used his personal email to send a single classified report as an urgent warning when lives were at stake. 

The stateside message from Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler to Forward Operating Base Delhi in Now Zad, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, went unheeded. Three young Marines were shot to death as they worked out in a gym by an Afghan teen brought on the base by the same corrupt and double-dealing pedophile police chief whom Brezler had declared to be an immediate threat. 

Yet the only person to be investigated in connection with the killings is Brezler, the Marine who sought to prevent them.

One thing you can count on under the Obama administration: the wrong one always gets punished. Regarding Benghazi, when only an obscure videographer was apprehended — then again, perhaps the videographer and Maj. Brezler are the right ones to punish under the Obama administration’s agenda. Why aren’t we investigating the chain of command that allowed a corrupt pedophile access to a Marine operating base, and the ensuing deaths of three Marines?

Who is Maj. Jason Brezler? He’s a Naval Academy graduate who went from serving in Iraq’s most dangerous province to Afghanistan’s most dangerous, left active duty to continue public service as a Marine reservist and a firefighter with the New York City Fire Department’s elite Rescue 2. And, amazingly enough, this is the young warrior who faces less than honorable discharge from the Marines.

A simple question must be asked: if Maj. Brezler faces less than honorable discharge from the Marine Corps for his action — which, if heeded, could’ve saved four Marines’ lives — what of Hillary Clinton? Are we so enamored with political elites we’ve elevated them to a status above reproach?

It’s certain Mrs. Clinton’s actions were as far from honorable as the east is the west. And to have ordered the wiping of her private server, which was in her private home, is both unconscionable and highly questionable. Further disconcerting in the case of Maj. Brezler is the apparent gross injustice, as written by the Daily Beast:

To compound the injustice, the two generals who ruled against Brezler based their decision on a Board of Inquiry transcript whose 451 pages contain 1,548 sections marked “[inaudible].” And those gaps are accompanied by an astonishing number of errors. 

One witness who was critical to the defense reported that he found 47 mistakes in his testimony and could have found more but the “incredible number of ‘inaudible’ and outright errors was so great that I did not correct ones where I had no idea what was said exactly.” 

Other witnesses said much the same, with one declaring himself “disgusted with the transcript,” adding that the “record is so bad I can barely make out what I was saying and it’s my testimony.”

So here we go again. Two weeks ago, we brought you the potential for charges against U.S. Navy LCDR Tim White for his “illegally discharging a weapon in a federal facility.” After denial and not ruling out charges, the Navy came to its senses and made the right decision. Now, the only thing that will keep Maj. Jason Brezler from being discharged from the Marine Corps is Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus. It seems we need to light up those phone lines once again.

Imagine the message it sends to our men and women in uniform if Maj. Brezler is punished and Hillary Clinton gets to continue campaigning to be their Commander-in-Chief. Imagine what it says when the standard for release of classified material over private email is deserving of highest punishment — unless you are Mrs. Clinton and her cast of political elite cronies. Maj. Jason Brezler took action to protect Marines — and the standard of punishment still applies. Mrs. Clinton, well, she’s repeatedly lied and obfuscated, but hey, “Hail to the Chief.”

This is a blatant hypocrisy that cannot be allowed to proceed. Why would anyone holding a clearance in our U.S. Military render respect to a President Hillary Clinton?

If Hillary Clinton can get away with this,  then Maj. Jason Brezler — and for that matter, General David Petraeus — deserve like treatment.

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