No Shame: Hillary Clinton Just MOCKED the American People with This ‘Joke’

By any measure, the concerns about Hillary Clinton’s handling of top-secret information while Secretary of State are very serious — indeed, dead serious, considering the American lives that may be at risk due to mishandling of top-secret national security information.

The Democrat candidate for president herself, however, doesn’t seem to be taking this very seriously at all. Continued lies, foot-dragging and general obstruction of investigation into the matter show Mrs. Clinton’s disdain for both the investigation and the American people. We just reported here Clinton’s latest nose-thumbing as she touted her “cooperation” while handing over a blank server to the FBI.

Now, it seems Mrs. Clinton has gone from passive-aggressively deriding the investigation and the American people to mocking them outright. Take a look at this 20-second video, brought to us by Weasel Zippers:

The fact that Mrs. Clinton is now joking about this outright is perhaps the most bold demonstration yet of her feeling that she’s untouchable by the law. She seems to believe she can continue to violate law after law, lie, obstruct justice and just carry on her merry way to the White House — even making a joke about the attempts to uncover the truth about what appear to be very serious violations of our nation’s national security.

Sadly, so far, Mrs. Clinton has been right in her assessment that she’s untouchable, as she appears to be the one dictating the speed and depth of this investigation so far. This must change — and fast. It’s simply unacceptable.

And for those who are still supporting this candidate for president, consider this: Mrs. Clinton is laughing at you, too. She is laughing at the fact that she can so egregiously violate laws — intended to protect our national security, YOUR security — for her own personal protection. And while if you were to do such a thing, you’d be punished, she floats on above the law. By supporting Hillary Clinton as president, you are supporting a ruling class in America, while you remain a mere serf. Is that what you really want?


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