Delusional? Watch Hillary Make the Most INSANE Comments Yet About Her Scandals

We may have just hit the moment where Hilary Clinton’s outrageous lies have transformed into downright delusion.

While speaking in Iowa at a Democrat event, the leading Democrat presidential candidate went on a diatribe in defense of the myriad scandals swirling around her candidacy — from Benghazi to her misuse of email during as Secretary of State.

While this is certainly not the first time we have witnessed Mrs. Clinton lie outright — there are many recent examples involving her email misuse alone — her vehemence in delivering these latest outrageous comments almost make you wonder if she is living in an alternate universe.

As The Daily Caller reports:

In an angry moment at the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding on Friday, Hillary Clinton said she will not “get down in the mud” with Republicans who she claims are trying to exploit her use of a private email server and the Benghazi attacks for political gain.

You have to see the video to fully appreciate how out-of-touch with reality Mrs. Clinton appears.

“[Republicans will] try to tell you this is about Benghazi, but it is not,” Clinton told an audience at the event, her voice fraught with anger and her finger wagging in the air.

“Benghazi was a tragedy. Four dedicated public servants lost their lives,” she added. “And we have to be focused on how to prevent future tragedies.”

Yeah, Mrs. Clinton, aren’t these the same four American lives that were lost to which you exclaimed, “what difference at this point does it make?”

She said that seven congressional investigations have “already debunked all of the conspiracy theories” about the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

“It’s not about Benghazi,” Clinton bellowed to applause.

“And you know what, it’s not about emails or servers, either,” she continued. “It’s about politics.”

Riiiighhht. Hey, Mrs. Clinton, just because you WISH it weren’t about emails or servers, doesn’t make it so in reality. But gotta hand it to you: nice move to try to blame someone — in this case, something — ELSE for your issues.

Clinton’s remarks are her most direct and hostile on the issue of her private email and private server use. The aggression comes at the same time that the FBI has opened an investigation into the server she used as secretary of state. The FBI seized the server this week from Platte River Networks, a Denver-based cybersecurity company Clinton hired in 2013 to manage the system.

But Clinton, as she’s done all throughout the scandal, which commenced in March due to the investigative work of the Republican-controlled House Select Committee on Benghazi, tried to portray herself as taking a proactive part in the inquiry. She said that she has insisted that the State Department publish the 55,000 pages of emails she turned over in December “as soon as possible.” She also said that she has offered to answer questions before Cognress “for months.”

“I’ve just provided my server to the Justice Department,” she touted.

Sure, can’t argue with that truth, Mrs. Clinton. But what you conveniently forgot to mention was that the server you so graciously handed over to the Justice Department was BLANK. How helpful!

Despite her spin, Clinton has stonewalled most inquiries into her email setup. She handed over her emails only after the State Department asked for them last October, more than a year-and-a-half after she left the State Department. And she handed over her server only reluctantly. She’s maintained since March that she would not turn the device over to a third-party. She gave it over only after the FBI asked for it.

“But here’s what I won’t do,” Clinton continued during her jeremiad against Republicans, “I won’t get down in the mud with them.”

I actually believe her here, too. No, she won’t get down in the mud as it might get her royal clothes dirty. No, instead, she’ll just float on above us mere mortals.

“I won’t play politics with national security or dishonor the memories of those we’ve lost. I won’t pretend that that is anything other than what it is — the same old partisan games we’ve seen so many times before.”

Actually, Mrs. Clinton, I think you’ve just demonstrated your ability to do a whole lot of pretending.

The only thing scarier than Mrs. Clinton’s apparent disconnection from reality and truth are those voters in the audience who applaud it. If only it WERE in an alternate universe where this occurred…


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