As the World Burns, White House Launches THIS?!

I don’t know about you, but it sure seems to me that we’ve got quite a lot on our plate these days, with all that’s happening in the world and our nation. I often wonder, with so many critical priorities, how the President of the United States knows what to deal with first.

In just the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen ISIS continue its global rampage — with fresh atrocities in unexpected new locales, like Egypt and IKEA (yes, the store); Iran gaining dangerous strength through side deals with the likes of Russia and China, while they mock the U.S. and our leaders; and, now, North Korea chiming in with its own fresh threats to our nation. Just to name a few of the highlights.

Meanwhile, at home, we’re uncovering potentially major compromises of our own top-secret information at the hands of our former Secretary of State, and our U.S. economy continues to just limp along — even as those of dangerous adversaries like Iran gain strength. Again, just the highlights here…

So it’s comforting to know that against this backdrop, our fearless leader President Obama is focused on other priorities — and, apparently, hoping we will follow his lead.

As the Associated Press reports, President Obama and the White House seems to be taking the phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” rather literally:

Obama on Friday tweeted links to his daytime and evening summer playlists as the White House launched an official channel on Spotify, the popular music streaming service.

Obama said he shared the lists “due to popular request.”

“What’s your favorite summer song?” he said on Twitter.

The presidential presence on Spotify marks the latest step by a White House already active on social media to boost its presence in the online world. Obama and other White House officials regularly use Twitter, Facebook, Medium and other social media platforms to make announcements.

While I suppose even I can cut the president a tiny bit of slack for tweeting a summer playlist while he’s on vacation, the launching of an official White House Spotify channel really has to make you wonder. Where can this possibly fit in the priorities of our nation? To have any resources at all devoted to this is outrageous.

While I’m a huge fan of music and fun playlists, we do NOT need our government to provide them. We have pop stars who can entertain us and set trends for music and other art. We do not need our president for this. We don’t need him to be “cool.” We need him or her to be focused 1,000% on the many critical issues facing our nation. None of the other stuff — summer playlists, for example — will matter if ISIS continues to gain more global ground, Iran becomes a nuclear leader or more Americans struggle just to make ends meet or give up trying altogether.

President Obama, please. Stop fiddling while the world burns.


P.S. In case you care, here are President Obama’s “Summer Playlists” — one for daytime and one for evening:


“Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” – The Temptations

“Live It Up” – Isley Brothers

“Memories Live” – Talib Kweli & Hi Tek

“Tombstone Blues” – Bob Dylan

“So Much Trouble in the World” – Bob Marley

“Paradise” – Coldplay

“Tengo Un Trato (Remix)” – Mala Rodriguez

“Wang Dang Doodle” – Howlin’ Wolf

“Another Star” – Stevie Wonder

“Hot Fun in the Summertime” – Sly & the Family Stone

“Boozophilia” – Low Cut Connie

“Wherever Is Your Heart” – Brandi Carlile

“Good Day” – Nappy Roots

“Green Light” – John Legend

“Gimme Shelter” – Rolling Stones

“Rock Steady” – Aretha Franklin

“Down Down the Deep River” – Okkervil River

“Pusher Love Girl” – Justin Timberlake

“Shake It Out” – Florence + The Machine

“La Salsa La Traigo Yo” – Sonora Carruseles


“My Favorite Things” – John Coltrane

“Superpower” (featuring Frank Ocean) – Beyonce

“Moondance” – Van Morrison

“Is Your Love Big Enough?” – Lianne La Havas

“How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” – Al Green

“Red & White & Blue & Gold” – Aoife O’Donovan

“Nothing Even Matters” – Lauryn Hill

“The Best Is Yet to Come” – Frank Sinatra

“You Don’t Know Me” – Ray Charles

“I Found My Everything” – Mary J Blige

“Help Me” – Joni Mitchell

“I’ve Got Dreams to Remember” – Otis Redding

“Suzanne” – Leonard Cohen

“Feeling Good” – Nina Simone

“Stubborn Love” – The Lumineers

“Until” – Cassandra Wilson

“UMI Says” – Mos Def

“The Very Thought of You” – Billie Holiday

“Flamenco Sketches” – Miles Davis

“Woo” – Erykah Badu


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