Here’s the LAST THING you’ll ever hear MSNBC or CNN say on air

It’s just eight months into the year and Baltimore’s homicide count has hit 200! Monday’s fatal shooting of another man has pushed the city’s homicide total to 200 year-to-date which puts it on pace for a drastic rise from 2014’s already abysmal total of 211 killings…for the entire year. Last month (July) was the city’s bloodiest since 1972 when 45 homicides were committed. There were 28 in June and 42 in the month of May.

There has been a nationwide increase in murder volume in America the past two years, all of it concentrated in metropolitan areas. USA Today has reported on the surge in nationwide urban death rates in our cities. Murders are up 25 percent in Detroit, 20 percent in New York City, Washington D.C., Milwaukee and most of our other large cities.

With its new record number of 200, Baltimore has joined other American cities with triple-digit year-to-date homicide numbers such as Chicago (292), New York (192), and Detroit (131 – averaging 17.6 non-fatal and 5.2 homicides per week so far in 2015.)

Let’s just take Washington DC as an example. Here is a selection of this year’s unsolved homicides as published by the Washington D.C. police department.


Notice anything about virtually ALL of the victims? Chances are awfully good that if even one of these victims had been killed at the hands of a white police officer Al, Jesse, Black Lives Matter, Barack, MSNBC and every other liberal voice in America would’ve been all over it with press conferences, marches, protests (probably leading to riots) and more.

Yet you’ve never heard the name Anthony Benson, Deonte Bethea, Antonio Bryant or any of these individuals. Why? Because they weren’t killed by a police officer. Why do their lives seemingly not matter to the pundits pushing the Black Lives Matter narrative?

As the #blacklivesmatter protests spill onto the streets of cities across America and result in even more violence, none of these ‘protestors’ seem capable of grasping the obvious: that cops killing young black men is not an epidemic in America.

But I promise you will never, ever hear that on MSNBC or CNN or out of the mouths of Al Sharpton or even our dear president.

The real epidemic is cities with strict gun-control policies (thanks to Democrat legislative agendas) filled with young black men being raised without fathers (due to Democrat policies) attending and dropping out of dangerous, failing schools (due to Democrats being in bed with teachers’ unions) and living in inner city urban cesspools that breed violence, drug use and rob them of opportunity – all of which have been under Democrat control for decades.

Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Baltimore are among the poorest cities in the nation, and all have been under Democrat control for the last 50 years.

If black lives really mattered to liberals, they’d stop pushing the policies that destroy their families, their dreams, their livelihoods and ultimately their lives. But their lives really don’t matter. Only their votes.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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